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Because some of you all asked, I’m listing some Egyptian and non-Egyptian (but Middle Eastern) blogs that I know of or have heard about. Some are in English, others aren’t. Enjoy!

Hadouta (Arabic)
This is Reihab’s blog, which consists of little fictional stories. “Hadouta,” in Arabic, means “story”

Wholeheartedly Sudaniya (English)
This is Reem’s blog (another one of the young women who sat on the panel at the campus conversation). She’s a Sudanese student at AUC. She also wrote about the veil a few days ago, so those of you who are interested should check out her post. It’s an interesting point of view.

Musings of a Mademoiselle (English)
Ethar, an Egyptian AUC grad, who was raised in Saudi Arabia and now works for Egypt Today.

IslamzReviver (English)
A blog written by a girl who was born, raised, and lives in Saudi Arabia.

and finally…for a ton of Egyptian blogs
The Egyptian Blog Ring which provides a pretty decent collection of Egyptian (specifically) blogs in English and Arabic.

…and my favorite (because of the story behind this)

Saudi Girl (English)

The truth: “saudigirl” was a literary experiment, an instance of rhetorical transvestism, an attempt by a young saudi guy to create a female character, in blog/poetic form.

Why? Well, it’s complicated. But here’s a stab at my thinking at the time:

It first started when I became livid by some of the idiotic arguments that certain public men were using to justify, or make apologies for, the dearth of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. I decided to write to these men in a public fashion. Why not write as a man you ask? Well, I thought it would be more effective (for the cause) if a woman demonstrated the total absence of logic in their arguments.

Saudi Girl provides a really interesting perspective…I kind of couldn’t believe that Saudi Girl was actually a boy when I first read this blog.

Righto then, some of these blogs are political, others aren’t. Some are just daily musings of girls living in Saudi (which I find especially interesting). 


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