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Slouching Towards Barnes and Noble

Speaking of Chris, he also has a post up–off of a post by Michael Berube in Crooked Timber–in response to some people who need literature to keep score: And plus, every time a person reads it, a nut gets its wings. After finishing the novel, I recalled an entertaining post Michael Bérubé wrote at Crooked […] more

Epilogue, part one

Like Chris says, many bloggers are using this time to reflect on 2007 before it disappears forever. I’m sure there’s some selection bias at work, but I see a lot of entries about aftermath: a radical change in expectation and its effects. I’m coming back to blogging after more than a year of absence punctuated […] more

Nominate Now!!

New Year’s Day is your last chance to nominate your favorite feminist blog posts of the year — so head over and get nominatin’! more

Shameless self-promotion Sunday

Last one of the year. Have at. more

Reminder: Feministe Portland Meet-Up TONIGHT!

We had a great time at the Seattle meet-up — thanks to everyone for coming out! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Now it’s Portland’s turn: What: Feministe Portland Meet-Up Who: Jill, Little Light, Jill’s family, and whoever else can make it! When: Dec. 30th, 9pm Where: Rontom’s, on E 6th […] more

Your assistance needed!

A friend of mine is going to the type of New Year’s party where people usually start making resolutions. And she hates that sort of thing. So she’s decided to cut any earnestness off at the pass by offering Resolutions by Committee: a bag full of resolutions, the sillier the better, that people can draw […] more
Reminder: Feministe Seattle party tonight!

Reminder: Feministe Seattle party tonight!

“What is this crap?” “I have no idea.” Come join us for a night of beer, burgers and feminist revelry in the hometown of esteemed bloggers Holly and Jill. Anyone is invited, and none of us have ever met, so no worries if you’ve never commented or you feel like you don’t “know” us — […] more