Here’s a thought

When a quarterback has a sucky game, perhaps it’s because he sucked that day, not because his famous girlfriend was there and got some attention paid to her by the TV crews because she’s, you know, famous.

In fact, it’s highly unlikely that the quarterback noticed the TV coverage of his girlfriend, being out playing the damn game and all instead of watching it on TV.

But your opinion that the bitch is out of control and you wouldn’t let *your* bitch get out of control is noted.

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30 Responses to Here’s a thought

  1. ChrisR says:

    I’ll have to thank my daughters tonight. Since they were born 10 years ago, I have watched nearly zero football. A benefit is missing “news” like this.

    I note that the column is called “The Scoop”. Hmmm…what else is collected in a scooper?

  2. Mnemosyne says:

    Is this a resurgence of that old folk belief that athletes shouldn’t have sex or they’ll have a bad game? Or is it more along the lines of believing that women are bad luck on board sailing ships?

    It’s always funny to see these ancient folk beliefs revived and dressed up in new clothing.

  3. Mnemosyne says:

    I didn’t mean to, but my hand involuntarily clicked on the link about Jamie-Lynn Spears’ baby-daddy being a cheater. Gah. Sleazy gossip, why must you be so irresistible?

  4. The14thOpossum says:

    Yea I heard this story a while ago. Mostly, they were reporting that she (and the media hoopla around her) distracted him, and that caused him to play a bad game. Which just causes me to think that, maybe, he shouldn’t be a professional athlete if he can’t focus?

  5. FashionablyEvil says:

    I liked this quote:

    “Gisele will likely know enough to keep away. Unlike Jessica, she realizes football is more than just a game, it’s his career.”

    Incidentally, Terrell Owens was whining about Jessica Simpson.

    Yes, women should cover themselves so as not to upset the delicate men’s sensibilities…

    (I was trying to figure out how to make “menz” a possessive, but it just wasn’t working).

  6. Betsy in TX says:

    Not sure how I feel about it. Many pro athletes don’t want their parents at the game either.

  7. ElleBeMe says:

    It’s always easier to “blame the bitch” than it is to accept personal responsibility. It is the Conservative way, even though they may say otherwise…

  8. My immediate response to this story was along the lines as this comment from “Why Is It…?” on “Sporting News”:

    several Cowboys fans want to blame Romo’s bad play on Jessica Simpson and her “hotness” and that she was a “distraction”? Deanna Favre is pretty hot too and she’s been at almost all of Brett’s games since high school I believe

    So yeah, I guess I echo the sentiments above: if a sportsman cannot focus properly on his game just because there’s a big screen with a picture of their wife on, then maybe they shouldn’t be a professional? I mean, what is he doing looking at the screen, anyway?

  9. Mnemosyne says:

    Now that I wandered out to the grocery store and back, I’m wondering if we’re also running into some of that weird male homosociality here, like the guys deciding that Romo is a “fag” because he’d rather fuck his hot girlfriend than hang around with them.

  10. Lisa in OK says:

    Wow. He had a bad game when he was dating Carrie Underwood and he had a bad game while dating Jessica Simpson . . . Looks like maybe he should be a professional dater instead of a professional football player .

    I shudder to think what would happen if there was some hot, non-famous girl in the crowd that he just “wanted” to date. Would he have an even worse game? A better game?

  11. mia says:

    that way they can perpetuate the tasty little conundrum that teh womenz’ untamed sexuality controls teh menz, and teh menz can have a pissing contest about who controls their chattel the best.

  12. Cara says:

    Is this a resurgence of that old folk belief that athletes shouldn’t have sex or they’ll have a bad game? Or is it more along the lines of believing that women are bad luck on board sailing ships?

    I’m quite positive that the issue is that she’s taking attention away from him, and the dude can’t, or shouldn’t, take that. Cause, you know. He’s a dude. And she’s a chick. Obviously.

  13. one jewish dyke says:

    The Cleveland Indians brought Josh Beckett’s ex-girlfriend in to sing the national anthem the night he pitched at Jacobs Field to try to get him off his game. Beckett basically shrugged and said he didn’t care, and went on to pitch a great game. I’d suggest that the rest of the athletes take a cue from him, and if they really can’t concentrate with their significant others there or want to express that to a fellow athlete, that they not make a big deal about it in the media. If Tony and Jessica break up before next year and it’s not amicable, every time the Cowboys are on the road the home team is going to ask her to sing the national anthem. Because women are like the Sirens, all seducing the men to terrible fates.

    I’m no pro athlete, just a goalie in a rec hockey league, and sure it makes me nervous when if a new girlfriend comes to watch me play. But it doesn’t get me off my game. It has the opposite effect. I concentrate extra hard on the puck specifically not to be distracted by her presence, and because I want her to leave the rink thinking I’m good, not “wow, my girlfriend really sucks.”

  14. preying mantis says:

    “Not sure how I feel about it. Many pro athletes don’t want their parents at the game either.”

    Then wouldn’t it be on him to ask her to please not come, rather than on one of his douchebag teammates to shoot his mouth off to the press about how she doesn’t need to be at the games and all these other (good) women just know enough to mind their place and not come?

  15. Blunderbuss says:

    I like how he shouldn’t ‘allow’ her to come. Like he’s gonna say – “And you’re not allowed at my games anymore! Go to your room!”

    Or if its so distracting, why not ask the stadium guys to stop showing pics of her? Oh, no, wait, it’s her fault for even being there.

  16. Mnemosyne says:

    I don’t know that I would take my dating advice from Tom Brady, a guy who didn’t even realize that if you’re having breakup sex, you should use a fucking condom lest you get your soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend pregnant at an inopportune time.

    But maybe it’s me.

    The Cleveland Indians brought Josh Beckett’s ex-girlfriend in to sing the national anthem the night he pitched at Jacobs Field to try to get him off his game. Beckett basically shrugged and said he didn’t care, and went on to pitch a great game.

    Just more proof that baseball is an inherently superior game to football. ;-)

  17. Lorelei says:

    it can’t be!! men are perfect!!!!!!

  18. Brad Jackson says:

    So, wait…. Sexy women at football games make players have bad games? How do cheerleaders fit into that model?

  19. louise says:

    Oh, GOOD example, one jewish dyke! I remember that game and the announcers gossiping about it. Kept thinking to myself, “Oh shut UP and talk baseball, already!!”

    I love, love, LOVE football- but have also gotten so I watch the GAMES and none of these babbling bobblehead pregame shows.

  20. scott says:

    I don’t have a lot to add to the above, which is spot-on, but just wanted to point out that my Washington team spanked ol’ Tony silly this Sunday. As the announcers pointed out, the Cowboys have sucked offensively across the board for the last month, so it’s pretty dumb to blame it on the girlfriend. And you football fans know that Mr. Tony is prone to making the spectacularly dumb mistake all on his own, like in the Seattle playoff game last year. So blame it on the dumb jock, not Jessica.

  21. Linnaeus says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect that, you know, getting hurt had something to do with Romo’s poor play. I know that when I got hurt, I couldn’t run/throw/hit/whatever as well as I did when I wasn’t hurt.

  22. Humm, being a hardcore football fan, well, gee, Dallas loosing could have oh, nothing to do with Tyrell Owens getting hurt, Philly having a huge hate on for Dallas and a pretty good team themselves, Romo not being physically 100% himself, and Dallas already KNOWING they had clinched a spot in the playoffs…

    It had to be….Jessica!

    Man people are really dumb sometimes.

    That said, I did note that Jessica received more airtime than a great many other “celeberty fans in attendance” usually get at NFL games, and well, hell, I watch NFL football to WATCH THE GAME, not Jessica. Shrug.

  23. kate says:

    You know, I have heard this meme before about work and the distraction of women among tradespeople. When being closer to honest, many will say, “Yeah, I think its great that women are coming into the trades, but it can be distracting for some you know; those shorts and miniskirts and all.”

    Well, fact is, no woman in the trades is going to work in shorts and miniskirts or high heels. But the fallacy continues unabated, to excuse sexism and the exclusion of women from the male domain, of which football is only one small part.

  24. louise says:

    RenegadeEvolution, as a 3rd generation Giants fan, I WISH we had some sort of similar excuse for Lil Eli…other than the obvious family connections. Although to give the kid credit, the game vs the Pats (my husband and mom’s team) the other night was one of his better performances.

    Damn, I miss Tiki and Shockey…

  25. heg03 says:

    If there was an award for Worst Sports Story of 2007, this ado about nothing over Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo should be it. Never mind that the announcers and game analysts repeatedly said throughout the game that Romo had injured his right thumb and that it was obviously hindering his throwing ability. No, the Neanderthal world of sports punditry latched onto the idiotic “blame the bitch” explanation.

    But when a guy acquires such a desirable object as Jessica Simpson, men like this columnist are envious of Tony’s claim of ownership on her. Then they’re eager to critique how well she serves him or how much she drags him down. I’m still waiting to hear how Jessica is to blame for the egg that Dallas laid against the Redskins on Sunday.

  26. RenegadeEvolution says:

    louise..i had a soft spot for Sehorn myself…

  27. louise says:

    I have both a “21” shirt for Tiki and a “31” shirt for Jason Sehorn; they make nifty nightshirts!!! Found 31 in Goodwill a few years ago…

  28. Rebecca says:

    My dad actually was telling me about this the other day. The idea of my dad knowing who Jessica Simpson is just sorta blew me out of the water. I had to tell him who the Secretary of State is so it seems fair he had to tell me who Jessica Simpson is. (True fact, I had not a clue who she was. I’m culturally stupid that way. :) ) The most amusing part, though, was that my dad thought Romo should be locked in a closet and allowed out only for football games. Yeah, he’s just a little bit of a fan.

  29. evil fizz says:

    You know, I was just reading an article about how bad people are about identifying causal relationships. Warms my heart to see such idiotic examples immediately following.

    I must admit, I do like the idea of Jessica Simpson singing the national anthem at the Cowboys road games if she and Romo break up.

  30. Peggyness says:

    I did a brief post about this story, too. The other fact that the press decided to leave out of the story was that he had a bad game against this same team, the Eagles, last year, too. Of course, that poor performance was due to the presence of then girlfriend Carrie Underwood being in the stands. Has nothing to do with the Eagles having his number, or anything.

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