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My last post of the weekend – I’m headed upstairs to fold the last batch of laundry and put my feet up for a bit. It’s been a busy few days: we cleaned out and reorganized the kid’s room, pulled … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion Sunday

Give us what you got. And congrats to good friend and gracious hostess Julia of Sisyphus Shrugged on her new regular guest-posting gig Friday nights at Firedoglake! This week’s post is chock-full of Giuliani-scandally goodness, and none of it involves … Continue reading

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The duplicitous female maze

That line comes from an article in today’s New York Times, and no, it’s not a quote from some MRA talking about divorce laws, or Bill O’Reilly sounding off about Hillary. It’s a piece by a woman named Kelly Valen … Continue reading

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How did we end up with this much plastic?

We really don’t buy a lot of toys for our daughter. We’re quite restrained, especially in comparison to our cohort of older parents with enough disposable income to buy stuff from those fancy catalogs with wooden toys. You know, the … Continue reading

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How Ronald Reagan caused the hostage situation at Hillary’s headquarters

Several of Hillary Clinton’s campaign workers were held hostage yesterday at her headquarters in Rochester, New Hampshire, and Ronald Reagan bears at least part of the blame.  Richard Kim explains at The Nation – Reagan started to dismantle state-funded mental … Continue reading

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