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He was anything but "invisible."

He was anything but “invisible.”

The New York Times Magazine pays tribute to one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Steve Gilliard. When I was a little baby blogger at a little baby blog, Steve was one of the first big bloggers who ever linked to me. He was one of the first big bloggers to offer me words of encouragement. […] more

A Katy Jones link round-up

Let’s start off with Kay at The Gimp Parade: Katie Jones is a second-grader in Lake County, Illinois, who has severe cerebral palsy and whose parents have sent her to school with a DNR order (Do Not Resuscitate) prominently attached to the back of her wheelchair. Taking that much at face value, the implications for […] more

Feministe Portland Meet-Up – Dec. 30th

Apparently this week is the Feministe West Coast Tour, because we’re planning a Portland meet-up on Dec. 30th, to follow the Seattle meet-up on Dec. 29th. The details: What: Feministe Portland Meet-Up Who: Jill, Little Light, Jill’s family, and whoever else can make it! When: Dec. 30th, 9pm Where: Rontom’s, on E 6th and Burnside, […] more

Feministe Seattle Get-Together: Dec. 29th

-Moving this up- I don’t know about you, but I could use a good party right about now — so Holly and I are throwing one! We’re both in Seattle for the next few days, and will be hosting a Feministe get-together on Dec. 29th at Deluxe. So spread the word and bring other Feministe-friendly […] more


I got World of Warcraft for Christmas. If you don’t see much of me for a while, that’s why. more

Can I have Frank’s job?

I harbor a not-so-secret love for Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni. I was thrilled when he reviewed Max Brenner’s, a ridiculous chain hell-hole that moved onto my street last year. But I think Bruni may have topped himself when he took on Cipriani, an insanely over-priced tourist trap that, in Bruni’s words, “exists to affirm […] more

The Longest Weekend of the Year

Brownfemipower has posted about her own personal relationship with Santa: I just want the permission to sit and swear and throw chewed gum at all the happy people wearing bells and green and red sweaters. I want to laugh when my angel gets drunk and farts a wet drunk fart at all the shiny happy […] more