Shameless self-promotion Sunday

Let’s have it.

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  1. ouyangdan says:

    this week i talked about how i don’t need guilt and fear to get me to be a feminist.

    i wrote a letter to kathering heigl, begging her to stop posing for cosmo.

    and a reaction, as a parent, to people depending on legislation to make them better parents, and how that is a bunch of bullshit.

    it’s been a while since i have had anything good to put here!

  2. ouyangdan says:

    oops. *katherine* heigl…

    but ya’all knew what i meant!

  3. DAS says:

    Can the police ask you to move inside when all you’re doing is playing dominos and enjoying a BBQ on your (neighbor’s, whose hosting the BBQ) front porch?

  4. annajcook says:

    My contribution will be slightly rambling meditations on teen fatherhood: the cautionary, the quirky in two recent young adult novels.

    Also, if you stop by please leave recommendations in the comments for any good YA novels about teen relationships and sexuality from the perspective of boys. They seem to be few and far between!

  5. Here are my posts this week:

    He’s tiny . . ., about my Super Bowl experience and the New England Patriots’ Wes Welker.

    My Super Tuesday!, about getting featured in my Virgin Islands newspaper! A whole page on me!

    I discovered this new show., about Ugly Betty, Netflix, and ramblings about boys I have liked.

  6. exholt says:

    Made a couple of comments about how the Anna Mae He case on the ABC board.

    IMHO, it was instigated by the Bakers, a wealthy well-connected White Tennessee couple who thought their privileged status entitled them to take advantage of the He family’s ignorance of the American legal system and society by manipulating the legal system to terminate their parental rights and falsely portray them as negligent parents. It is quite rich the Bakers had the chutzpah to complain that taking Anna Mae He away from them will be traumatic…..when it was they who instigated the whole mess through manipulating the law enforcement and judicial systems to keep the He family away from their daughter till she was 8-9 years old. Heck, the Bakers and their lawyer even attempted to have the He family deported.

    In short, a good old boys network run amuck…with the Bakers and their supporters throwing White upper-class classist and racist assumptions right into the mix. :roll:

  7. Hugo says:

    On the Lori Gottlieb article about “settling” (yeah, I’m late).


    My third wife taught me an important lesson about “settling.” It’s one thing to marry someone whose politics you find inexplicable, or whose taste in movies is wince-inducing. (My fourth and final wife loves “Dirty Dancing.” ‘Nuff said.) It’s another thing altogether to build a partnership with someone who doesn’t inspire deep and intense longing. Yes, over time that longing may fade. It will certainly fluctuate. But the memory of passion can be a reliable fuel to sustain a marriage; if even that memory isn’t present, there’s probably trouble ahead.

    There’s much to be said for compromise in intimate relationships. But wisdom is knowing the difference between a “have to have” and a “would like to have”. And I think the collective experience of a great many people is that at least a period of powerful, mutual, sexual longing falls into the first category.

  8. Vocab Lesson: Pimp Out – why the “it’s a common expression” excuse doesn’t make any sense from the standpoint of basic logic. Or vocabulary.

    Super Tuesday – I’m voting for Clinton and I want the Democrats to be partisan. Standing up for your ideals is not a dirty, shameful concept.

    You Don’t Speak Japanese? – I’m not your human dictionary and stop acting on stupid stereotypes.

  9. SEK says:

    A different, far less edifying vocab lesson.

  10. folkbum says:

    One of my local wingnuts–who tends to rail on against “thug culture”–is using the “pimping out” Chelsea line.

    Make sure you click through the link to where he claims he owns his daughter.

  11. Amanda says:

    Hi guys.

    Spain makes clothes for real women.

    Oliver North tries to tie everything up in a pretty pink bow.

    And The Huffington Post disappoints with a Cosmo-ish breakdown of Valentine’s Day.

  12. Jay says:

    If my daughter comes to you and needs an abortion, please help her.

    And why capitalism isn’t a divine way of being.

  13. Sam says:

    Pictures from today’s Chinese New Year celebration in Vancouver!

  14. Craig R. says:

    Lots of nice links here.

    And I have tones of stupf I should be writing about in my own space..

    Real Soon Now

    I promise…

  15. Redstar says:

    I’ve got links to the full endorsement lists for Sens. Clinton and Obama, and ask folks (you all) if the media endorsements in their cities are slanting coverage of the two candidates.

    There’s been a ton of discussion in the blogosphere this week about media bias this primary season, but do any of you notice it in your hometown papers, esp. if they are any of those that endorsed one candidate over the other (NY, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, L.A., SF, Denver, Hartford, KC, St. Louis come to mind)?

    Also, I have a round-up of HRC supporters in the context of the shame many of us feel for supporting her, tackle some of that mutual ambivalence from a personal angle, and discuss the issue of legitimacy that keeps coming up in this campaign.

  16. Nikita says:

    Most people find me by searching for the phrase “how to ship cupcakes”.
    Come by my blog to find out how it went! :)

  17. Jha says:

    I asked a quirky little question on sex and masculinity.

    It’s not a superlong post since I linked to other articles which explains the topic so eloquently, but the question wouldn’t go away!

  18. Drunkbunny says:

    Being a non-christian does not equal being atheist. It’s been discussed before in the blogworld – a lot – but people in my part of the country still don’t get it.

  19. Some random thoughts on how work and success have little to do with each other.

    My publisher is 1 and giving stuff away.

    So am I, to celebrate a new release and a good review.

  20. RKMK says:

    Not self-promotion, but all of the Shakesville posts on the sexism Hillary is undergoing, and on women’s reactions to it were fabulous this week, and kept me sane:

    Damned If You Do (Melissa McEwan – “Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the fact that a lot of women who support Hillary see the depth and scope of the organized institutional misogyny being levied against her and feel, somewhere in their guts, that a massive “women for Hillary” movement would actually be used against her and undermine her campaign.”)

    Stealth Vote Salon (Melissa McEwan – “Meanwhile, women who don’t support her are being used against her, too. This is a perfectly encapsulated case study of the patriarchy at work—a woman candidate is undermined both by women who support her and women who don’t. Priceless.”)

    I am Not Ashamed (Kate Harding: “Because, in a nutshell, I GOT YER GENDER CARD RIGHT HERE, ASSHOLES. AND IT SAYS “REGISTERED DEMOCRAT.”)

    And today’s post on Women and Caucauses nicely brought everything together.

  21. whatsername says:

    Part II in a series started with Why I am Sex Positive I bring you Why I am a Radical Feminist.

    My Super Tuesday happenings, and problems in CA vote.

    I review Superbad.

    And because it’s useful, I bring you an astrological update.

  22. Lauredhel says:

    The “Stilettos Are Good For You!” study that the media and vacublogs are slavering over is a colossal pile of wank: “Baggy vaginas are Out for 2008: stiletto-therapy agenda science”

    And our local Liberal (conservative) party, which women MPs are fleeing now that sexual harasser Troy Buswell is in charge, is nothing more than is a hopeless joke.

  23. R.E. Silvera says:

    Prepare for Trouble, it’s my blog about feminism, gender and international comics. Hosted at

  24. donna darko says:

    More from the Clinton camp…

    I don’t want another President I can have a beer with. I want the designated driver, the uncool mom.

    My take on the APIA vote and Clinton. We just think she’d be a better president based on her experience and what we know about her.

    The biggest swing vote is the women’s vote but you won’t hear about it in the so-called progressive blogosphere.

  25. Astraea says:

    I just started my blog. I posted about a bill in Missouri to change the ages for statutory rape. I see it as part of a bigger trend to criminalize and repress teen sexuality and push abstinence-only views.

    And Dr. Laura is so passe, but I had to rant about a story she told a listener about a woman who carried a fetus to term even knowing it would die.

  26. subhuman says:

    From week’s trials and tribulations of a substitute teacher in Chicago Public Schools:

    When I take an entire high school on the CTA for a pep rally in the middle of a snow storm.


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