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Women and Girls Make Art

First, Girls Rock! The movie: Gotta see it. That preview made me tear up a little. I wish I had had something like that when I was an angsty, miserable 8th grader. These girls are really inspiring. And if you’re … Continue reading

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McCain 2008: Like Hope, But Different


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Women and the Drug War

In These Times has a fantastic article about the effect of the “war on drugs” on women. The article is especially good about explaining how a variety of social justice issues converge in the female prison population — it’s about … Continue reading

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Do Professional “Pro-Lifers” Care About Women?

Only so long as they can use them as political ping-pong balls. The latest example is none other than Dawn Eden.* Dawn has done some nasty things in the past, but this is particularly disgusting. She found a pro-choice feminist’s … Continue reading

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Becoming a Black Man

A must-read up at AlterNet and ColorLines. Daisy Hernandez details the ways in which transitioning between genders highlights how that racism is lived differently for men and women. It’s a fascinating and insightful piece, and I hope you’ll check it … Continue reading

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Anti-Choicers Defeat Birth Control Bill in South Dakota

A South Dakota bill that would have given women easier access to contraception and taken substantial steps to decrease the unintended pregnancy and abortion rate was defeated in the state senate — by “pro-life” legislators. The Birth Control Protection Act … Continue reading

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Zanan Silenced

Zanan Magazine, a feminist publication in Iran, has recently been shut down by the government. Founded in 1991, Zanan was the leading feminist magazine in Iran, covering topics like spousal abuse, honor killings, and sex trafficking. Ms. Magazine had an … Continue reading

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Leave Chelsea Alone

(leaving my password live only encourages me.) On my last post, several commenters discussed the mistreatment of Chelsea Clinton, which began the minute she hit Washington. During her father’s White House years, she was a teenager; in fact, not yet … Continue reading

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Scenes from CPAC

Mister Leonard Pierce at Sadly, No! has been covering the Conservative Political Action Conference; head over there and check out his commentary. If that doesn’t convince you that CPAC-attending Republicans are total jackasses, Julian sent me this peek at some … Continue reading

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Women in “Free” Iraq

When the Bush administration was gearing up to invade Iraq, the plight of Muslim women was used as one of a handful of human rights justifications for war. They conveniently conflated “Muslim women” with “women in Afghanistan living under the … Continue reading

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