Great Feminist Event in NYC

I am so, so mad I can’t go to this. But you should:

Women as Breeders – Children as Weapons:
The Right to Abortion and the Whole Direction of Society

Over the past 8 years, under the Bush administration, the power and reach of the Christian fundamentalist movement has reached unprecedented levels in its power and influence over everything from scientific policies like stem-cell research to foreign aid for health clinics in Africa; it has placed powerful figures in the White House and the Supreme Court and commands a base of tens of millions of people.

A central issue to this movement has been the role of women in society and particularly the ability for women to have control over their own bodies and reproductive systems.

Join us February 26th in a discussion with:

Cristina Page,
author of “How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America: Freedom, Politics and the War on Sex” and spokesperson for

Kathryn Joyce, contributing writer for The Nation and author of “Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement” ( due to be released in 2009). Kathryn will discuss an emerging movement of Christian women dedicated to take up their submissive, motherly roles with a ‘military air'” and with an aim to create a “Christian army” achieving cultural “victory.”

The evening will provide an opportunity to have an honest and wide-ranging discussion that addresses: What is on the horizon for 2009 and is the “Christian Right” over? How do the core beliefs of the Christian fundamentalist movement shape the lives of millions of women currently and how could they potentially impact the American population as a whole in the future? Why is the right to abortion is so crucial and why must it be demanded without apology? A member of World Can’t Wait will moderate the event and discuss how these issues are related to the larger Bush agenda and ” the whole direction of society”.

The event will take place:
Tuesday, Feb. 26th
7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
@ Think Coffee
248 Mercer St (btwn 3rd and 4th st)

For any questions, please contact:

Cristina Page and Kathryn Joyce are two of my absolute favorite feminist writers; I’m really sorry I won’t be getting the opportunity to see them live. Sigh.

If any regular commenters plan on going and want to live-blog it, shoot me an email.

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