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A bit more on that “one in four” statistic

Anti-feminists like Heather MacDonald continue to say that the “one in four college women experience attempted or completed sexual assault” statistic is false. I didn’t offer much of a rebuttal in this post, but I think it’s worth countering the … Continue reading

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It’s Only a Myth if You Believe That Those Sluts Were Asking For It

Because if women don’t call it rape then it’s just not. This op/ed is one of the most ridiculous I’ve read in a long, long time (and that’s pretty impressive). Heather MacDonald argues that high rates of sexual assault on … Continue reading

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Words mean things

In my fantasyland, public figures attached to progressive causes would not run away from certain adjectives just because the Republicans have been very good at saying them with a sneer. And they would especially not do so when the adjective, … Continue reading

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