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Saturday Morning Little Light Appreciation Blogging

Little Light put up a post about antecedents and record-keeping: History is full of these things, no matter where you go, things we can circle around, draw rough outlines of, even make very good educated guesses about. But we don’t have them any more, and we’re different people now, and nobody thought to leave us […] more
Good gravy, I'm turning into Mrs. Roper

Good gravy, I’m turning into Mrs. Roper

I just bought a caftan. And I *love* it. I’m not sorry. more
Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness

With underage girls and big boobs: This is an ad campaign intended to raise awareness about statutory rape by suggesting that just because a girl looks older, it doesn’t mean that she’s mature enough to make decisions about sex with an older man. That’s a fine idea. I’m all for recognizing the fact that just […] more