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Pro-Lifers: Increasing the Abortion Rate in Your State

Gotta love it when the supposed “anti-abortion” movement makes concerted efforts to up the abortion rate by making it more difficult for women to prevent unintended pregnancy. In Indiana, the state senate passed a measure that would allow pharmacists to … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Little Light Appreciation Blogging

Little Light put up a post about antecedents and record-keeping: History is full of these things, no matter where you go, things we can circle around, draw rough outlines of, even make very good educated guesses about. But we don’t … Continue reading

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Good gravy, I’m turning into Mrs. Roper

I just bought a caftan. And I *love* it. I’m not sorry.

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I get e-cards

Today, I got this: And it made me laugh. Thank you.

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Friday Random 10 – the Germany Always Gets the Cutest Polar Bears edition

OMG TOO CUTE!!!!: Thanks to Sam for the video. 1. Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling into Place 2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – God’s Hotel 3. Tom Waits – Big Black Mariah 4. Les Savy Fav – Blackouts on … Continue reading

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But I thought we brought freedom and democracy and women’s rights to Afghanistan

A young journalism student has been sentenced to death for reading about women’s rights — and this is in “liberated” Afghanistan.

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Raising Awareness

With underage girls and big boobs: This is an ad campaign intended to raise awareness about statutory rape by suggesting that just because a girl looks older, it doesn’t mean that she’s mature enough to make decisions about sex with … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter says she’d vote Clinton over McCain

This kind of thing means less than nothing coming from a provocateur who earns her living ruffling as many feathers as possible and blasting obnoxious, shrill opinions on the “wrong” side of whatever issue she can find. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Oh noes! Not pink underwear!

He likes to call himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” but he might as well be called “America’s Most Opportunistic Publicity Hound And Misogynist.” Yep, Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, has crawled out from under his rock to bask … Continue reading

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Underhanded? Somebody is.

This is going to be a little inside-baseballish, but bear with me. I’ve been attacked and insulted quite nastily, and it takes a great deal of background to explain not only why the attacks were nasty, but why the attackers … Continue reading

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Mississippi legislators seek to bar restaurants from serving fat people

I’m still reeling from the insanity of Clinton wanting to yank due process out of deportation. But wait… there’s more insanity before bedtime!! Mississippi House Bill 282 would make it illegal for restaurants to serve food to anyone who is … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton wants to eliminate due process for immigrants? What is this, bizzaro liberalism?

Although some are claiming her stance on immigration is preceded by years of anti-immigrant policy in the previous Clinton White House, I’m still totally flabbergasted by Hillary Clinton’s recent spate of comments calling for swift deportation of immigrants, with no … Continue reading

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