Shameless self-promotion Sunday

Let’s have it.

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  1. arielariel says: is exactly — yes, exactly — what it promises to be. Mostly in NYC but all for all the beautiful desires of the beautiful queer world.

    Bubbelehs, I guarantee it!

  2. Nadia says:

    Can I promote someone else?
    For all the talk about feeling guilty for all the havoc that’s been wrought in Iraq because of the war, there’s very concrete things that can be done to deal with some of that suffering. Apr 14-16 in DC there’s going to be a conference about pressuring the government to step up in dealing with the humanitarian/refugee crises, which they haven’t actually been so great about.

    Uh, and if I have to promote myself, I blog about this stuff.

  3. Jack says:

    I am hosting the next Carnival of the Feminists on 9th April – all nominations welcome!

  4. Kathy G. says:

    I’ve just started a new blog that will focus on, among other things, feminism, politics, economic, and culture. Check it out:

  5. Jay says:

    My blogging partner and I are writing about Silda and Elliott Spitzer , sex addiction and shades of gray.

  6. ol cranky says:

    actually from last Sunday, my reaction one of the OP/ED guys in the Philly Inquirer wanting the shield law to protect the media even when if it’s a case where the reporter really can’t justify any need to use unnamed sources. Sorry, but I think some reporters do need to spill and pay the price for fanning some flames

  7. Daisy says:

    Religiously-oriented query: Does anyone know why St Faustina seems to have been demoted since you-know-who has been pope? (In any event, I’m on the case!

    My account of the most recent radical feminist/transgender blog war for interested parties.

  8. Bruce says:

    I visit the “hood” in DC and find sleepy, bucolic greenspace instead.

  9. Sam says:

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is disbanding the last radio orchestra in North America. What a shame.

  10. Red Queen says:

    I just got back from Paris after traveling with the worst ugly American tourist ever, plus there is an awesome post about girls cussing by chang’e.

  11. ol cranky says:


    there’s a problem with your link and, while I think the video I was able to get open was one everyone one here should take a look at., I’m not sure it’s the one you wanted to direct us to.

  12. Sarah Dobbs says:

    “TITS OR GTFO!” – Why don’t more women play games? – a reaction to a panel discussion I went to about women in games which really missed the point.

  13. Sarah says:

    I think Nora posted here before, but… SAFER has a terrific new blog on rape and sexual violence with an edgy, fresh group of regular contributors. Check us out & keep coming back.

  14. lindabeth says:

    On http//:smart-like-me.blogspot.comI wrote about

    …how the club where the 12 year old found stripping won’t have its license revoked…but the sex-toy ban debate is still alive and well in their legal system!

    …Michael Stipe of REM’s “Outing” his bandmates as heterosexual as parody of the imperative that we know, understand and can classify sexual identity.

    …a terrific, empowering, feminist music video that made me teary.

    …about the so many problems with the OK ruling that deemed it not a crime to take photos of underneath a girl’s skirt.

    …also on “torture porn”

  15. ouyangdan says:

    i was delighted to guest blog at Shakesville this week. it was way more fun that i could have imagined.

  16. feministgal says:

    I posted about an experience i had at CVS concerning recycling and sustainability… why is it so difficult for some people to understand?!

  17. This week I had a go at both the creators and the objectors to, the “Miss Bimbo” game – and got my first ever bona fide troll comment as a result!

    I also wrote about the “Manga Tarot”, which is perhaps more “feminine” than feminist, but has some interesting gender ambiguity about some of the designs of cards that traditionally feature male figures.

  18. Jenny Penny says:

    This week I have written about the new anti-Islam film coming out of the Netherlands, about the gay marriage debate in Sweden (again, and it’s as stupid as ever), about the German food chain Lidl which has been caught spying on their workers, and about how some people seem to refuse to hear other stories about the sex industry than the miserable ones.

  19. DAS says:

    I was in an allergy induced haze at the time, so maybe I missed if there was Self-Promotion Sunday last week, but since I didn’t see it then, I’ll promote my $0.02 on sex and privilige (how do you spell that word?) this week, even though I probably shouldn’t be promoting a post written on such a contraversial subject while I was completely out of my mind due to allergy-induced tiredness.

    Also, for you religious types, there’s been some weekly parsha related blogging at my place …

  20. DAS says:

    Wait a minute — I can promote myself in terms of comments I make as well, can’t I?

    I finally respond to my campus paper’s resident reactionary … I’ve also just written a letter to the editor on another recent editorial of his. I dunno why the paper has this guy — I presume he’s only being printed so the campus paper’ll be “ideologically balanced”. I wonder if he realizes he is being the benefit of some sort of affirmative-action/minority quota system (with “reactionary” being the relevent minority category here)?

  21. Oh, heck, I’ll promote all my posts.

    In what ways is, or isn’t, it true that “Sex is special“?

    Scotsboro Boys and Emmett Till, parts one, two, three, and four.

    And other posts about Easter, remembering my aunt, an African ingenuity blogwatch, and various links.

  22. PhysioProf says:

    PhysioProf has mused about the Meghan McCain lovefest:

    And also about left-wing wealth, right-wing wealth, and the exploitation of fear:

    BTW, it is really nice of you guys at Feministe to open things up for self-promotion once a week. Thanks!

  23. Another review for me! about my book, Steve the Penguin.

    An Inconvenient Truth, about Senator Obama’s allegedly momentous speech.

    and Polar bears are back in season!, about my new favorite show Ugly Betty.

    Happy reading!

  24. renalfailure says:

    Thank you Ol Cranky for pointing out such an epic screw-up. But if that’s the worst thing I do this week, I’m ahead of the game.

    This is what you shouldn’t say to the superhero that rescued you.

  25. mike says:

    Two of three of the Crises of American Law Schools.

  26. McCain Watch says:

    Just started a blog that’s going to try and keep tabs on John McCain. Any advice, suggestions, etc appreciated.

    Thank you

  27. whatsername says:

    I talk about body hair and finding out I’m cisgendered.

  28. Can I still call it Sunday if I never went to sleep last night?

    Anyway, I have this discursive examination of the Obama/Clinton divide among progressives (feminists in particular) and how it’s scaring the crap out of me, and, for contrast, this bit of reveling in the hardcore metal wonderfulness that is Otep Shamaya (see her interview on After Ellen, linked in the post, if you haven’t heard of her before now).

  29. In my super duper new blog, I also talk about body hair! And street harassment, and movies.

  30. here’s a punk rock DIY comic strip… drawn by a feminist (me)… about two angry bored pissed off Muslim women… AND a bunch of other random comics!!!

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