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New Favorite Website, chapter 2

It’s not as adorable as the Daily Puppy, but I am hooked on Postcards from Yo Momma — mostly because it is exactly how my mom talks when she IMs me. There are always lots of exclamation points, and my … Continue reading

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Craziest Sex Scandal Yet

What. The. Fuck. And here I thought we couldn’t do any better than “Evangelical mega-church preacher does crystal meth with male prostitutes.” (Sidenote: You know a sex scandal is insane when the first thing you think of is an Overheard … Continue reading

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Whores Whores Whores

Liberal comedian Randi Rhodes: Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton are “big fucking whores.” Yes, it’s a comedy routine, but don’t you think we can do a little better than this? (And can’t we pick an insult that isn’t (a) gendered … Continue reading

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The torture memos

The Justice Department released the John Yoo-authored torture memos from 2003 today (part 1 and part 2 (pdf)). Links via Jeralyn at TalkLeft.

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You know what’ll really ruin your day?

Full-fat heaven. Craving cheddar cheese for 48 hours, buying it at the bodega, then getting home, tasting it, being totally disgusted, and reading the label to discover that you accidentally purchased fat-free cheese. Who are you insane gastronomical killjoys who … Continue reading

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Oprah stands up for the little (furry) guy

I almost never actually watch Oprah because I’m never home during the day and because my TV really only gets turned on for LOST at this point, but I can admit that I not-so-secretly love her. As much as I … Continue reading

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Tasty Blog Bits: An Eye on Muslim Women in the Media

Muslimah Media Watch is our blog of the week, and if you don’t already read it, head over now. Their tagline is “Looking at Muslim women in the media and pop culture,” and they carry out that goal with much-need … Continue reading

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