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You know what'll really ruin your day?

You know what’ll really ruin your day?

Full-fat heaven. Craving cheddar cheese for 48 hours, buying it at the bodega, then getting home, tasting it, being totally disgusted, and reading the label to discover that you accidentally purchased fat-free cheese. Who are you insane gastronomical killjoys who thought up fat-free cheese? Who are the clearly off-balance people who eat it? And what […] more
Oprah stands up for the little (furry) guy

Oprah stands up for the little (furry) guy

I almost never actually watch Oprah because I’m never home during the day and because my TV really only gets turned on for LOST at this point, but I can admit that I not-so-secretly love her. As much as I cringe when I see the “Oprah’s Book Club” stickers on novels I’d like to pick […] more