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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

What have you been writing about this week? Leave your links to specific posts, and a short description, in the comments. more

On Those Pictures and On Privilege

It’s been said a lot of times over now, but I’ll add my voice to the chorus: This is fucked. Those images are tremendously racist — it’s not that they might be interpreted as racist or that they’re ironic and contributing something to the text. They’re just flat-out racist. They are everything Holly said. So […] more

Carnivals: Submit Now, Read Soon

Ms. Crip Chick (excellent blogger, btw) is hosting the 37th Disability Blog Carnival. Submissions are due on May 4th: Here are some topic ideas!: • What is disability identity? If you are disabled, do you feel disability is a part of you and your experience? • What is disability culture to you? How do you […] more