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Speaking of Speaking For Herself

Once upon a time I wrote about this woman, who fought back. Inevitably, some guy showed up to defame her and defend her oppressors. Time passed and the comments closed. But last night, she apparently found what was said about … Continue reading

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Speak For Yourself

Some of you know me from the comments, and from my past guest spots here. I’ll be around to fill in for a couple of weeks. I’m not big on introductions. Back when the Spitzer story broke, there were posts … Continue reading

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In Trying To Show How Silly Anti-Racist Liberals Are, Racists Assholes Again Prove Themselves To Be Racist Assholes

Jeff Goldstein may have outdone himself with this one. He describes black men assaulting and gang-banging a hot white chick in order to get everyone riled up about how stupid feminists who discuss “white privilege” are — as in, stupid … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

What have you been writing about this week? Leave your links to specific posts, and a short description, in the comments.

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On Those Pictures and On Privilege

It’s been said a lot of times over now, but I’ll add my voice to the chorus: This is fucked. Those images are tremendously racist — it’s not that they might be interpreted as racist or that they’re ironic and … Continue reading

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This is a Feminist Issue Too

It’s been a year and a half since Sean Bell and his two friends were shot 26 times by five NYPD officers. Bell was to be married later that day. He and his friends (who both survived) were unarmed. It … Continue reading

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I Guess It’s a Jungle in Here Too, Huh?

You know, the jungle. Where the savage brown people and ferocious animals are defeated by heroic white folks: Jill is writing her own follow-up post about this subject, but I feel so nauseous and sleepless about this whole thing that … Continue reading

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Sexual Violence in the Congo

A few great pieces. First, Mark Goldberg speaks with filmmaker Lisa Jackson, who recently released the documentary The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo: Stephen Lewis, the co-director of AIDS-Free World, has another must-read piece up in The Nation — … Continue reading

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Carnivals: Submit Now, Read Soon

Ms. Crip Chick (excellent blogger, btw) is hosting the 37th Disability Blog Carnival. Submissions are due on May 4th: Here are some topic ideas!: • What is disability identity? If you are disabled, do you feel disability is a part … Continue reading

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For Chris Matthews, Misogyny Pays Off

Just read it.

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BFP’s Final Words

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet, go read. I don’t have anything else to add, except: BFP will be sorely missed. But she’s is one bad-ass, passionate, brilliant woman, and so I’m confident that wherever she is, she … Continue reading

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Global Fund for Women Raffle

The Global Fund for Women is hosting a gala event with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Honorable President of Liberia, as well as female leaders from Colombia, South Africa, Malaysia, Liberia, Bosnia/Herzogovina and Egypt. They’re also raffling off two tickets to … Continue reading

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