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Conservatives offended by “whitey”

Shockingly, the Michelle Obama “whitey” tape doesn’t exist. Knock me over with a feather. But even though Michelle never called anybody “whitey,” conservatives would still like to talk about how deeply offended they are by the fact that someone, somewhere, … Continue reading

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“when youth get involved in politics in large numbers, it is not a good thing”

Shorter Dennis Prager: “Get offa my lawn! Most adults throughout history have recognized that young people are likely to be unwise given their minuscule amount of life experience. After all, most adults, even among baby boomers, believe that they themselves … Continue reading

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“Pro-Life” leader Jill Stanek shows her racist colors again

I wrote about anti-choice columnist and activist Jill Stanek a while back when she put up a post on her blog about how Chinese people eat fetuses. She’s a total nutbag, but she’s a nutbag who anti-choicers rally around, who … Continue reading

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Yes We Cunt

Just in case you needed a (humorous) reminder of why John McCain is such an ass-bag (warning: not work- or child-safe because it uses the word “cunt” repeatedly): And yes, in case you haven’t heard the story (because the mainstream … Continue reading

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You can buy more than just leggings at American Apparel

American Apparel, home to nightmare-boss Dov Charney, controversial ads, and aesthetically offensive metallic leggings is now planning on selling vibrators. Or, rather, they’re selling the Hitachi Magic Wand “massager,” which everyone knows is rarely used on the shoulders. I don’t … Continue reading

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Domestic Workers Unite

A must-read article: “For too long we women have been silenced,” said Joycelyn Gill-Campbell, a Barbados-born nanny-turned-organizer for Domestic Workers United, one of the leading New York-based domestic rights groups, during a speech to her sister congressgoers. “But today we … Continue reading

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Progressive Views on Sex Offender Release Programs

I am all for critiques of the prison industrial complex. I am all for critiques of the post-incarceration revenue machine that props up entire industries through parolee dollars. And, while this may surprise some readers, I am even all for … Continue reading

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