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The Feministing Community is up and running

How awesome is this? You can read about the Community here. You can make your own blog, comment, join their social networks, be part of the meet-up alliance… the list goes on, and it takes online activism to a whole new level. Congrats (and thanks!) to the Feministing team for making this happen — it’s […] more

Wackaloon Male Feminist Sex Criminal

Well, I guess I lied about not having enough energy to post anything substantive today, because I just re-read a bunch of the shitstorm surrounding convicted sex criminal and self-described feminist blogger Kyle Payne. I’ve got a couple thoughts on this skeevy motherfucker. First, what the fuck is up with men calling themselves feminists? I […] more

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Tell us what you’ve written this week, with a link (or links) to the post (or posts). Don’t just link to your whole blog — give us a summary of something specific you’ve written and show us where to find it. Fire away. more

So Long, Feministe.

Bye, everybuddy. It’s been real [insert thought here]. Feel free to check us out at Muslimah Media Watch. more

PhysioProf Guest Blogger

Many thanks to Jill for inviting me to guest blog here at Feministe for the next two weeks! I was totally shocked and excited to receive her invitation. Kudos to Feministe for doing so much to help raise the voices of smaller bloggers, both with annual summer guest blogging (which I know is totally altruistic, […] more