The Feministing Community is up and running

How awesome is this? You can read about the Community here. You can make your own blog, comment, join their social networks, be part of the meet-up alliance… the list goes on, and it takes online activism to a whole new level.

Congrats (and thanks!) to the Feministing team for making this happen — it’s a great, powerful idea, and I know they all worked very hard to put it together. It’s a fantastic resource for feminists and feminist allies, and it’s very cool to see a feminist site making these kinds of connections possible.

Head over there and check it out.

Also congrats to Jessica for her book review in the Times, and to Jessica and Courtney for their quotes in Gail Collins’ op/ed.

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  1. July 14, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Thanks, Jill! We’re still working out some last bugs, but we’re SO happy with the response the new community site has gotten – it’s putting the front page feministing to shame with all of its posts!

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