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Guilty Pleasures

Julian has tagged me with a meme: The five most embarrassing tracks on my iPod. His are pretty great/horrendous (I too remember feeling like a super-hardcore 7th grader for loving “NIN,” and I too went to several “DMB” concerts). But … Continue reading

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I Met Hillary Clinton

And no, I do not lie in the titles of my posts: Look, that’s me (secondish row back, second from left, white shirt, brown hair)!!! With Hillary Clinton!!! [Feministe Readers: for those who don’t read my other blog, last week … Continue reading

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Complete Investigations Used As Justification To Not Have Complete Investigations

Yesterday at my home blog, Abyss2hope, I blogged about a rape case where the woman who was originally viewed as the victim was charged after forensic evidence indicated self-inflicted wounds rather than a stranger assault as she claimed. Today I … Continue reading

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More On Medical Battery

Lauren posted yesterday on a disgusting story about an orthopedic surgeon who has been placing temporary tattoos on his patients during surgery. The shit hit the fan when this asshole placed a red rose tattoo under the panty line of … Continue reading

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Feminist Porn: Sex, Consent, and Getting Off

Warning: May not be safe for work…unless you are like me and work at Planned Parenthood. :) The links are definitely not work-safe and may contain adult content to be viewed only by people over the age of 18. Feminism … Continue reading

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Well, that was bound to happen

When I read the announcement of Fat Princess a week ago, I saw the events described in this post unfolding in my minds’ eye, and the whole thing was so annoying that my jaw fell slack and I had to … Continue reading

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