Hello from Another Guest Blogger

Hi, all.

I’m excited to be joining you for the next two weeks as a guest blogger. (Thanks, Jill, for the invitation!)

By way of introduction, a bit about me: I’m a member of the editorial and publishing collective behind make/shift magazine. I also freelance as a writer and editor and contribute to the group LGBTQ blog The Bilerico Project.

In addition to making media, I find life better all around when participating in activism and community work in many forms. I’m active with Resource Generation, a group of young progressive-to-radical people with class privilege who are working together to figure out how to leverage our resources for social justice in ways that are accountable to mixed-class movements. And I love being part of a local produce co-op, cooking for community dinner/discussions, riding a bike in LA, giving away money to support social-justice work, and collaborating with friends on sporadic interventionist art projects. I identify as a white, queer, mixed-class person who experiences the world socio-politically as a “woman” but inside doesn’t really feel connected to any particular gender category.

Oh, and I’m a lover of print media who’s still getting the hang of blogging, so please bear with me while I learn before your eyes about comment moderation and multimedia content and such.

I’m really looking forward to being in conversation with you over the next two weeks.


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10 Responses to Hello from Another Guest Blogger

  1. Holly says:

    Welcome aboard, we’re glad to have you! I was hoping you’d guest-blog for us after your awesome open letter to white feminists from earlier this year.

    Have you seen Enough yet? (I think you probably know both of those guys.)

  2. Eevoid says:

    Hey Jess,
    Make/Shift is absolutlely superb! Really looking forward to reading your posts.

  3. Jess H. says:

    Thanks, Holly and Eevoid!
    (And, yes, I love Enough! Was actually going to post here about it. But now that you’ve mentioned it — everyone go check out enoughenough.org — read, respond, submit!)

  4. Joan Kelly says:

    Well hot dog! Glad to see you blogging, woo hoo, and can’t wait to get to read your posts while you’re here. xo

  5. so you enjoy all the things i enjoy. if you ever end up in rural illinois i am more than willing to volunteer for the position of your new best friend.

  6. NancyP says:

    Sounds interesting, Welcome!

    (Jess H.) “experiences the world socio-politically as a “woman” but inside doesn’t really feel connected to any particular gender category.”

    That’s an interesting statement, because people in my generation (middle age) and region (midwest) simply don’t talk about androgyny, bigender, no gender, etc. I have had this “what am I” feeling/thought about lack of inner sense of gender, and somehow thought it was quite rare to feel this way.

  7. little light says:

    Jess! Hey! Good to see you. You make it across the country yet?

  8. Los Anjalis says:

    Jess! Great to see you guest blogging here. Really looking forward to your posts in the next two weeks!

  9. Sudy says:

    I heard you were here.

    Love from Manila.

  10. Jess H. says:

    Love from LA, Sudy!
    So nice to see you — and Joan and Los Anjalis and all you other lovely folks — here. xo

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