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Modern Surgery and Patriarchy

Right now, JusticeWalks has a post on her blog called “Anxiety” where she discusses her feelings about an upcoming procedure she will be undergoing. In it, she makes a connection between the body trauma associated with surgeries and the experiences … Continue reading

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South Central Farm to Forever 21?

This just in: Turns out the former site of the South Central Farm – where low-income, indigenous/immigrant Latino farmers grew food in the midst of a toxic industrial area for 14 years before being evicted two summers ago in one … Continue reading

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The Sex Workers Rights Thing: An Overview

I am one of those people who often believes in “never say never”.  So, as such, I can’t say that maybe, one day, there will be no sex industry.  Could be in the future there won’t be one.  Who knows?  … Continue reading

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Greetings from Mexico City/Brooklyn!

Hey, everybody. I’ll be guest blogging here for the next two weeks. Coincidentally, the timing of this guest blogging stint will expose the somewhat fractured (maybe “varied” is a better word) focuses in my life right now, which currently span … Continue reading

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Get It Straight, Sil Vous Plait

What the deal with how Elizabeth Edwards is being portrayed in the reports about her husband’s philandering? It might not seem like a big deal to other people but, I just want to yell into the television every time I … Continue reading

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What the hell is in a name anyway, and watch your damn language!

Wow, I think I might have set a record here yesterday for most controversial “Hi there/introduction” post ever!  Would you guess that I’m not surprised in the least?  Hell I haven’t even said anything actually controversial here yet…   I … Continue reading

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Where have all the role models for girls and young women gone?

It’s a question that gets asked a lot, in all kinds of circles, from feminist ones to the family around the dinner table ones; where are the good role models for girls today? In the eyes of some, the female … Continue reading

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