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Xenophobia Rears its Ugly Head in All Sorts of Places

Golf is not something that is usually on my radar screen (unless I’m getting worked up about how golf courses buy water rights to maintain their unsustainable lushness in draught-affected areas or about how the Bush administration claims to have … Continue reading

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Today We Mourn the Passing of Del Martin

This is some sad news. Call me sappy (and putting aside my complicated feelings about marriage), but it makes me happy that she got to marry her long term partner before she passed. Del Martin is best known for co-founding … Continue reading

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Swapping Knowledge Across Generations

Every now and again, I’ll hear someone make a remark that goes something like this: “Racism in the movement is just hold over bitterness from the second wave. We third wavers know better than that.” Upon hearing/reading this statement, I … Continue reading

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“One-Legged Hooker Slain”

That is the New York Post* title on the death of Elizabeth Acevedo.  Who is now dead.  A 38 year old woman who was disabled, and happened to be a prostitute.   Oh, yeah, and police are still looking for a suspect.  … Continue reading

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Michelle and Hillary Open Thread

I just want to say that both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton brought down the house with their DNC speeches.  (Clinton speech video and text here; Obama speech video here; text here)  Clinton’s speech last night, especially, really wowed me.  … Continue reading

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Before I discovered feminism…

… I was already neck-deep in hip-hop culture. The facts are simple: I was raised with hip-hop. That was the emerging culture my parents were immersed in as teenagers in the early 80s*, and even to this day there are … Continue reading

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Kyle Payne Update…

Kyle Payne, remember him? The “feminist” man who assaulted a student under his supervision?  Guess what? h/t to Lisa and Hoyden About Town

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Defining Transphobia

Lisa Harney, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers, has written an excellent post explaining what transphobia is.  For those who are unsure of what is/is not transphobic, and what is meant by “cissexual privilege,” this is a … Continue reading

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On identification…

Who are you? When people ask you that question, how do you reply?  When you are asked to write a self-bio, or someone does one for you, what is your identity?  What words do you use to describe yourself?  You … Continue reading

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Allow Me to (Re) Introduce Myself

What’s up, Feministe? My name is Latoya Peterson, and I am the editrix of, a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. I’ve also been known to write on video games every now and again for Cerise … Continue reading

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Psst…wanna hear what some sex workers are saying?

Yes?  COOL.  Then let me point you in a few directions, first off, we have interviews with sex workers done by SerpentLibertine of Red Light District Chicago at the Desiree Allience Conference…so take a gander at… Robyn Few Amanda Brooks … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Memories

I have had a marvelous time posting here this week. Thank you so much for the engaging discussions. I’m really thankful that the wonderful folks at Feministe provided me with this opportunity to talk about a lot of issues that … Continue reading

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