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Casey Greene of the Resources for Women wiki writes,

My family has always been very forward thinking – lots of science, technology, recycling, gotta-go-to-college, all that stuff. Over the last few years though, my father has been taken in by the right wing media – he watches it all the time on the TV, makes snide remarks whenever anything political is brought up (especially feminism!), and I know there’s at least one Bill O’Reilly book in the house.

My mother, sister and I are appalled at this change – where did he get these ideas? It’s not like we haven’t known him for the past two decades. The only redeeming factor (and probably the reason we haven’t made more of a fuss about it) is that he never registered to vote, so his views don’t affect anything but our opinion of him. The rest of us vote every chance we are given, and hope it makes a difference.

Too bad for dad! Nevertheless, a lot of people don’t register to vote, or register and don’t bother to actually vote. Check out the graphic on Women’s Voices, Women Vote that shows how many unregistered women voters there are in your state, in addition to how many registered women voters in your state didn’t bother going to the polls in 2006. (H/T)

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You still have at least through early October to get registered to vote in the 2008 presidential election.

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  1. September 20, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    Here is a get out the vote campaign that I thought you might find interesting.

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