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About those scare quotes

Planned Parenthood Action Fund director Cecile Richards and McCain supporter Barbara Comstock respond:

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I’m as annoyed by Joe the Plumber as everyone else…

But Jesus Christ, don’t post his address on your blog. I’m not linking to the post itself for obvious reasons, but come on guys. It wasn’t ok when right-wing bloggers did it to a 7th grader, and it isn’t right … Continue reading

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More Racist Republican Fear-Mongering

And like the “Waterboard Barack Obama” graphic, this is coming from the GOP itself, not from random supporters. The Republican National Committee is sending out fliers implying that Obama is a terrorist: In a stark new brochure Wednesday, the Republican … Continue reading

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Joe the Plumber

is not a licensed plumber. He owes some money in back taxes. His name is spelled incorrectly on his voter registration card. More importantly, why does anyone give a shit? And yet here I am, writing about it anyway. Perhaps … Continue reading

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John McCain’s Plan for Women’s Health Care

Thanks to Matt for the link. Here’s what Obama and McCain had to say about abortion rights and Roe v. Wade at last night’s debate: In other words, neither of them would have “litmus tests,” except that they would. I … Continue reading

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John McCain: Openly Scoffing at Your Health

I believe that I speak for many American women when I say in response to last night’s debate (video below) that I do not want Senator McCain’s brand of “compassion,” and I sure as hell do not want his kind … Continue reading

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