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Too much good stuff, too little time to blog about it all.

One of my favorite pro-choice writers, Cristina Page, covers birth control as a campaign issue.

I Voted by Justin Krebs. Just reading this made me tear up.

Republican Party hate-mail in Florida, by Michael Hussey. And Republican fund-raising emails joke about killing Obama.

Renee takes Republicans to task for their own Palin-related sexism.

Some I really miss Seattle.

Matt Ivester, the owner of Juicy Campus (a gossip site wherein anyone can post anonymous hateful and defamatory comments about their fellow students), says that the ladies are just “going to have to start developing a sense of humor.” The site has posts with titles like “Biggest Whores” and “Sorority Sluts,” wherein the full names of female students are posted. The people doing the posting are allowed to do so anonymously. Ivester says he’s hoping to add photos and video soon. I for one hope he gets his ass handed to him in court some day soon.

Echidne has a multi-part series on why she is a feminist, and it’s a must read. Part I: The Right to Go Out; Part II: Planet of the Guys; Part III: Our Father Who Art in Heaven; Part IV: The Invisible Women; Part V: The Female Body as Property; and Part VI: The Longest Revolution.

Women pay more for health insurance. The Times article is based on a National Women’s Law Center report; you can read more about it here.

Check out a new Dar Williams tune here.

V is for Victory. So is IX. Watch the Title IX video and submit your information about whether your or your daughter’s school treats girls’ sports equitably.

New Study Documents Sharp Rise in Pregnancy Discrimination Complaints Driven by Discrimination Against Women of Color. Women filed 65% more pregnancy discrimination complaints in 2007 than they did in 1992. The increase was fueled by complaints from women of color, and more than half of the claims were filed in service, retail trade and the financial services, insurance and real estate industries — where some seven in ten women work.

Palin’s anti-choice dogwhistles.

Elizabeth Edwards on healthcare.

A dean at Syracuse University refused to stay silent on the sexual assault of a female student by university athletes.

Native women in South Dakota could use some help in fighting for reproductive rights. And if you donate more than $50, Katha Pollitt will give you a signed copy of her book.

Transgender, gay and gender-nonconforming students at Washington State University are being harassed, brutalized and beaten. LGBT allies at WSU are rallying; Alex has the details.

In Cairo, a groping ends in a prison sentence. Harassment is a real problem in Cairo, and this ruling is unprecedented. Good on Noha al-Ostaz for standing up. I can’t imagine that was easy. Thanks to Fauzia for the link.

Dear Consumerist: Please don’t use the word “raped” as a substite for any unpleasant experience. I know this is a popular phrase, but stop. Thanks.

IssueLab has an incredibly comprehensive look at voting rights and free elections in the U.S.

Sarah Palin on women’s issues.

The overlap between the anti-Obama attacks and attacks on JFK.

Inform your partner (or more likely, former partner) that you have an STD… by ecard.

Adele Nieves interviews Rosa Clemente about the Green Party and the left voting its values.

Women of Color United: An awesome group that seeks to get out the WOC vote, and focuses specifically on ending violence against women and HIV/AIDS.

Don’t let NBC diss women. NBC is planning on naming a new moderator for Meet the Press after election day. So far they’re only floating the names of white dudes. Head over and join the call to action.

Florida Gulf Coast University pays $3.4 million to settle a Title IX suit. It’s an awesome victory.

Sarah Palin and the Apocalypse.

Indonesia’s anti-porn bill is anti-pluralism. Defining porn as things that “arouse sexual propensity, desires or longings” casts too wide a net. And, just my two cents, but doesn’t that basically define the human body as pornographic? (And does anyone see the possibility that women’s bodies in particular will be swept up in such a broad definition?)

Some of my favorite feminist writers grade the candidates on international women’s issues.

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  1. October 31, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Thanks for the plug Jill. The Tampa GOP is going batshit crazy over the possibility of Obama winning. People think Tampa is tolerant until the sunshine is pulled back. What isn’t known is the Tampa area has a lot of white supremist groups. Scary, but true.

  2. MoonSinger
    October 31, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    John McCain doesn’t use the internet because, supposedly, his war injuries prevent him from typing. Nonsense!

    Here’s a link to an excellent one-minute film by a San Francisco State student with disabled people showing that “McCain Can’t Type, but YES WE CAN!”

    Thanks for today’s reading, Jill.

  3. November 2, 2008 at 11:53 am

    Thanks for the link love. I was just so irritated I had to write that one up.

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