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Woman Stoned For Adultery in Somalia

Trigger Warning In Somalia, insurgents have stoned a woman to death. The woman, who relatives named as Asha Ibrahim Dhuhulow, was buried in the ground up to her neck and pelted with rocks until she was dead. The “crime” of … Continue reading

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Closing Argument

Yesterday, Barack Obama delivered this “closing argument” speech in Ohio, called “One Week.” You can read a text version of the remarks as they were prepared here. The speech is a half hour long, so if you don’t have the … Continue reading

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What Would Prop 4 Mean?

As an addendum to yesterday’s post about California ballot initiative Prop 4, which would instate a parental notification requirement for all abortions had by minors in CA, check out this chart which shows the steps a pregnant teen would have … Continue reading

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Women’s “Health”

So good:

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Strip Club Holds Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest

Via Sociological Images — a truly great blog I discovered recently — comes this story about a Sarah Palin lookalike contest held at Vegas strip club (oh, sorry, “gentleman’s club”). Lots of bikinis, sexualized use of guns and sexism abound. … Continue reading

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More Ballot Updates: No on Prop 4

Yesterday I provided an update on anti-choice ballot initiative Measure 11 in South Dakota — today it’s time for an update on anti-choice ballot initiative Prop 4 in California. Prop 4, a piece of legislation which will appear on the … Continue reading

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“Never Necessary”

NPR has a great story up about one of the families leading the charge against the South Dakota abortion ban. Tiffany Campbell was pregnant with much-wanted twins when she and her husband learned that the fetuses had a rare defect … Continue reading

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Terrorism what?

Do these guys count as domestic terrorists? Because I read the article and I didn’t see the T-word used anywhere, despite this: Two white supremacists allegedly plotted to go on a national killing spree, shooting and decapitating black people and … Continue reading

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A Clearly Necessary Reminder

This is why you don’t give an eight-year-old child an Uzi, no matter how much “adult supervision” he has. And why doing so ought to be illegal. Dear god. It seems to me that a little boy needn’t have died … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda for McCain

Kristof is right: A McCain presidency will be the best terrorist recruiting tool around. And it’ll further stoke general anti-Americanism around the world. Of course, an Obama presidency isn’t going to be the silver bullet that ends terrorism or makes … Continue reading

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What The Election Means

Elle’s post on the topic, and the pictures she posted along with it, just made me get all teary-eyed. Go check it out.

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Argentinian Journalists Develop Plan for Non-Sexist Reporting

In Argentina, an organization of over 100 journalists has drawn up a set of ten “commandments” for writing about gender-based violence. It’s an interesting idea, and as someone who’s obsessed with how the media covers violence against women, I think … Continue reading

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