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Live-Blogging Election Night

Welcome Feministe readers! Here’s your election night live-blog. We’ll be moderating out the comments as often as possible, but since we all have various plans, some may be stuck for a while. But please feel free to participate, and we’ll clear you for posting as soon as we can. In addition to your Feministe regulars, […] more

It’s that time…

[This post will remain at the top of the page until the results are all in and we have a new president-elect; check directly below for the Feministe live-blog and other new posts] Get yer up-to-date election results here: more

Feministe Live-Blog: A Preview

As I mentioned in my previous post, Feministe will be live-blogging all night tonight as the polls close and the results come in. The whole shebang will start at 6, but to get you excited, here are our live-bloggers (info and bios will be updated as I get them): Little Light DeviousDiva Natalia: Natalia Antonova […] more

What’s your state of mind?

The NY Times has this fun little thing going on called a word train. People type or click on the word that best describes their mood regarding the election.  You can submit every hour, if you like.  Then you can look at the words that everyone chose, the ones that Obama supporters chose, and the […] more

Can I Vote?

I just called my brother to see if I could hitch a ride with him down to the polls later on today. (I could walk, but it’s a mile each way and I’m lazy so I’d prefer not to.) I was really sure that he was planning on voting — for Christ’s sake, he’s holding […] more

So, how was it for you? (Share your voting stories!)

Let’s share our voting stories! Post the good, the bad, and the ugly here so that we can document, discuss, commiserate and cojubilate (if that’s not a word, it should be.) Also, remember to check out Twitter Vote Report to find out how to report on what’s going on at your polling place. I’ll start! more