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Crappy Hour

I did Crappy Hour with the lovely Megan at Jezebel today. Head over and check it out — we discuss turkey-killing, living in your parents’ basement, and getting spanked by Henry Paulson. more

Thank you…

To the kind person who sent me Covering Islam by Edward Said. I don’t know if you want me to use your name on the blog so I’ll keep in anonymous for now, but the gift is much appreciated! I haven’t read a good book in a while, so I’m excited to pick this one […] more

Beauty and Power

Women are so deeply conditioned to seeing feminine beauty as something fragile that doesn’t take up space, which is why I love seeing representations of femininity that isn’t that of a delicate orchid. It’s interesting to me that many female body builders who work on attaining what are considered masculine traits play up their feminine […] more

Arbitrary Sunday Kitteh Blogging

Puddle o’ Kitteh Originally uploaded by feminaerecta Jill maintains that her sleek little kittens are the cream of the ketteh crop, but nothing completes a chilly Sunday afternoon such as this one like snuggling up with this fat, whiny muppet. If you look closely, you can locate his face and his flurfy toes. Fidelio, unfortunately, […] more

More Moral Than Thou?

Huh: Countries worthy of consideration aren’t those like North Korea and China, where religion is savagely repressed, but those in which people freely choose atheism. In his new book, Society Without God, Phil Zuckerman looks at the Danes and the Swedes—probably the most godless people on Earth. They don’t go to church or pray in […] more