Feministe is co-sponsoring the Fem2.0 conference in Washington D.C. this February, and I hope some of you will consider coming. The purpose of the Fem2.0 conference is to bring together leaders of feminist organizations with feminists who have built communities and politicked online, so that we can pool resources, discuss goals, and create stronger connections between the issues women actually face and the policy goals that feminists espouse. The conference goals are:

To harness the power of women on the Internet to promote women’s issues.

To create a forum – starting with the Fem2.0 website and continuing through the event – for women to discuss the issues that are of most concern to them today, and to encourage them to use the Internet to learn more, express their opinions about them and advocate for policies that benefit women and families.

To create an opportunity for a “meeting of minds” across generations and media platforms.

To unite women’s voices behind the issues that the vast majority of women support, such as education, healthcare, workplace fairness and economic security.

To position women’s issues and their advocates for the incoming administration.

To draw new audiences to women’s issues, especially those who are Internet-focused and can cross-pollinate to increase activism.

Expand the audience of women engaged in online media activity and activism.

And some amazing feminist activists are going to be there, from big-org leaders like Kim Gandy and Eleanor Smeal to inspiring bloggers and writings like Maegan Maegan “la Mala” Ortiz and Carol Jenkins.

Register here.

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