Things to make your blood boil

As if the news today wasn’t depressing and soul-crushing enough, I have some more tidbits for you:

A Georgia woman was jailed for refusing to remove her hijab when entering a courtroom.

An article about a transgender golfer feeds into all kinds of gender stereotypes (the article literally ends with the line, “As a sensitive women, Lawless knows what it’s like to lose. After falling 1 yard short in the 2007 semifinals and being eliminated, she had cried. Cried herself a river, just like the girl she always wanted to be”), and the comments are full of hate and transphobia.

Female genital cutting is widespread among the Kurdish population in Iraq. Some women and girls who have had their genitals cut are speaking out. The pictures are deeply troubling, but worth a look if you can stomach it.

A lesbian woman is gang-raped in San Francisco. She appears to have been singled out because of her sexual orientation.

A Republican seeking to be the next chairman of the RNC sent out a Christmas CD to Committee members of various songs lampooning liberals, including “Barack the Magic Negro.” Please, dudes, keep it up. Catering only to old straight white men is a strategy that cannot possibly fail.

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6 Responses to Things to make your blood boil

  1. Cara says:

    For those interested, I just put up a post at The Curvature today about how you can help the woman who was gang-raped with well-wishes and donations.

  2. Those last lines in the golfer article, just… The level of rage inspired *literally* caused my body temperature to rise. I am significantly hotter than I was a few moments ago. That is wrong on *so* many levels I don’t even know where to start.

  3. evil_fizz says:

    I am going to lurk back on the Men’s Health thread. My head can’t take quite this much bouncing on my desk. *sigh*

    Why does the world have to be so obnoxious?

  4. Han says:

    This has been a week of such sad news (though I suppose it’s always this way). I was feeling so glum, but I arrived home to find my copy of “Yes Means Yes!” waiting at the door. It brightened my day, and I look forward to reading something inspirational.

  5. wayloopy says:

    The genital cutting photos were so heartbreaking. The poor little girl went form expecting a party to being changed forever. The smiles in the first few photos haunt me.

  6. annie0313 says:

    The pictures at the girl’s mutilation weren’t nearly graphic enough to portray the horror that is visited on those dear children. The pictures made it look like little more than a baby tooth being extracted – a later picture of little girls tucked in their blankies as though at a slumber party – when the reality is that those little girls have been tortured and robbed of a lifetime of humanity. If this is what is shown to the parliament to encourage the outlaw of such a barbaric practice, it’s no wonder they’re stalling and not taking it seriously.

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