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South Carolina Tries to Further Restrict Abortion Access

South Carolina, already home to a law that forces women to undergo ultrasounds before they have an abortion, and another one that forces them to wait an hour to have the abortion after being given literature about why they shouldn’t, … Continue reading

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Fuck you Dov Charney.

I’ll admit that despite what everyone knows about Dov Charney’s creepiness and American Apparel’s child-porn-y ads, I still shop there from time to time. It’s hard to find sweatshop-free affordable clothes, and they’re good for basics like sweatpants and t-shirts. … Continue reading

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A big congrats

To Hugo and his wife, who just welcomed their first baby into the world. You are going to be great parents.

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Teenagers: Way more boring than we all thought.

Rampant teenage promiscuity is a myth. This may come as a blow to afternoon talk shows and conservative busy-bodies. But there are some problematic findings when you look at the statistics: Teens aren’t having more sex than they were back … Continue reading

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