Need: The Life of Christ in Cats

My friend Rebecca’s dad found this. I am not sure where I can get it, but I need one.

It is true that very few discerning people will ever own The Life of Christ in Cats. I want to be one of them.

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18 Responses to Need: The Life of Christ in Cats

  1. BH says:

    Unfortunately, this appears to be a spoof ad from the British comic mag Viz.

  2. norbizness says:

    *Fake plates are not guaranteed to go up in fake value.

  3. Mel says:

    Cat Jesus in heaven has scary eyes.

    If only this were real. It would be awesome to have on my wall to watch people double-take and twitch.

  4. Kristen (The J one) says:

    “Cat Jesus in heaven has scary eyes.”

    It’s because he’s totally about to smite someone. Probably for masturbating.

  5. Ammon says:

    If my knowledge of cat genetics is up to speed, this poster pretty clearly establishes:

    1) That the story of the Virgin Birth is true (or at least that Joseph isn’t Cat Jesus’ father…)


    2) that God (or whoever the father is) is a tabby cat. As the proud companion of a tabby, I’m going to go with the theory that it’s God.

  6. Dreamweasel says:

    I think my favorite part would have to be the Judas kitty at the Last Supper. (Fifth from the right, if I’m not mistaken.)

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  8. Katherine Kramer says:

    Its so cute, isn’t it? I’m going to paint something like this on one of my post-call weekends. I love it!

  9. The cats on crucifixes kind of freak me out.

  10. rebeccas dad says:

    hello. thanks for sharing this wonderful moment in cat history, much like when dogs played poker. and elvis lived on velvet… and for sharing your source.

    I would recommend beginning your search for this somewhere in the deep, deep south.

  11. Heh, my husband has fondly remembered this magnificent creation for years (he was a big Viz fan). So thanks for posting it, so I can finally see it with my own eyes! I was actually starting to wonder (and worry) if he’d imagined it…

  12. This is TOTALLY the kind of thing I get as gifts, because “I know you like cats so much!”…

  13. Rosanna says:

    This is hilarious and I want it.

  14. Mooney says:

    Life of Christ apparently equals…

    Born, Ate Supper, Executed, Returned in white robe.

  15. Topaz says:

    Most amusing, Miss Jill (said in my best clipped British accent). Hilarious and I want one, too. Equally as funny is that I noticed it because on the headlines to the blog it falls in the categories so dear to my heart that I had to look it up: animals, pets, cats, feminism, religion and weirdness….

  16. Piltdown says:

    Perhaps it will serve as a poster for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new show: “Jesus, Cat Superstar”

  17. Ian says:

    These were actually available to buy, I know, I have one. Not sure if they are still available tho! Really, really bad quality tho!

  18. Pete says:

    As Ian says above, these were available to buy from Viz a few years ago- along with a load of other tasteless crap. The only way I can think that you would be likely to get one now is by keeping a watch on eBay and one may come up for sale- if you are very very lucky.

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