Day: February 20, 2009

Yes Means Yes LiveChat (6-7)

Moderated by Jack, this livechat will feature Jill Filipovic, Javacia Harris, Stacey May Fowles, and Rachel Kramer Bussel. Read along below, and for the livechat that took place earlier today, see here! Yes Means Yes LiveChat (6-7)

Yes Means Yes LiveChat (3-4)

Moderated by Rachel, this livechat will feature Cara Kulwicki, Toni Amato, Hanne Blank, Heather Corrina, and Kate Harding. Read along below, and remember to tune back in for the second livechat at 6pm EST! Yes Means Yes LiveChat (3-4)

Public Service Announcement

On the subject of a certain very popular entertainment blog posting a photo of Rihanna after she was allegedly assaulted by Chris Brown: Not Fucking Cool. On the subject of reposting said photo on other blogs: Not Fucking Cool. On…