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“Compromise” on Same-Sex Marriage

Apparently it’s a good compromise to allow same-sex couples the same basic benefits as straight couples, while enshrining into the law the right of organizations to discriminate against gays and lesbians. The authors, one of whom works for a religious … Continue reading

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The Obama Dog-Drama is Nearing its End

We have a winner: I love Portuguese Water Dogs, so good work, Obama fam. Now I want a puppy, too. UPDATE: Yeah, this is me.

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Is there an immigration lawyer in the house?

Just a quick bleg . . . For those who don’t know, my husband is an Australian citizen (and U.S. resident).  We’re applying for U.S. citizenship for him at the moment and have run into a snag.  We don’t think … Continue reading

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Happy Mardi Gras!

Anyone doing anything fun?

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Tuesday Stuff to Read

WOMEN & THE STIMULUS: How the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act addresses women’s needs (PDF). TESTING THE PREMISE: Are gays a threat to children? An impressively in-depth look at homosexuality, child molestation, and how the actual facts fly in the … Continue reading

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New Guttmacher report: publically funded family planning services = good

I’m all linky, no thinky this morning. This first cup of weak office coffee hasn’t been quite enough to cut through the fog of this impending cold. Guttmacher’s just some out with a new report that, once again, demonstrates the … Continue reading

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On Aasiyah Hassan

Earlier this month, Aasiyah Hassan was murdered by her husband in Buffalo, New York. The media response has been to toss around phrases like “honor killing” and “Sharia law,” despite the fact that we haven’t heard a thing from the … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Anti-Rape Resources for Men

A reader writes in: This academic year there have been two different rapes on my campus and if two have been reported, then most likely there are more. I want to do some education awareness on campus to make men … Continue reading

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Why are even smart liberal men freaked out by abortion?

A really, really great article up at AlterNet about the difficulties women face in discussing abortion with their male partners — especially when the women don’t exhibit the socially acceptable post-abortion feelings of regret or woundedness. I’m also pretty sure … Continue reading

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Something to make you tear up

I didn’t watch the Oscars, but this moment is still pretty great the next day.

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Submit to the WOC and Ally Blog Carnival!

This is a guest post by Renee. Hello everyone, this is Renee from Womanist Musings. Last month was the first edition of the WOC and Ally blog carnival. I started this is an effort to bring attention to the great … Continue reading

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North Dakota Senate Passes New Infantalizing Anti-Choice Legislation

As if there wasn’t enough anti-choice asshatery going on in North Dakota already, the state Senate has just approved a bill that will require special notices to be put up in abortion clinics: The state Senate voted 45-1 to approve … Continue reading

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