2009 Global Health Week of Action

Advocates for Youth has been busy organizing activists for the 2009 Global Week of Action, March 30-April 3, focusing on a different global health issue each day.

March 30: Access to Essential Medicines
March 31: Health Care Workers
April 1: HIV and AIDS
April 2: Sexual and Reproductive Health
April 3: Human Rights

From their email:

With a new administration and Congress, we all have a responsibility to help set the agenda for America. Too often, politicians turn a blind eye to the needs of young people around the world.

It’s time for the United States to make a bold statement to the world: America should commit at least $1 billion to international family planning. From campuses across the country to the halls of Congress, young people are working to make this vision a reality.

The Global Health Week of Action will address access to essential medicines, health care workers, HIV and AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, and human rights.

They’re asking people to participate by downloading their toolkit and organizing educational events in their communities. (Since they’re AFY, a lot of their materials are focused around students, but you know. I’m sure they’d be delighted to have us oldheads participate.)

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