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Thanks Feministe and Good-Bye

I would like to thank the Feministe bloggers for so generously sharing their space with me.  I really appreciate the opportunity to engage with such a large audience.  Thanks everyone for the great conversations that went on in comments.  Remember that we cannot always agree but if we are engaging with each other, there is […] more

So Long, Farewell

It’s been a lot of fun – you all have kept me on my toes and made me think. I haven’t had time to post as much as I’d have like, but then I haven’t had time to sleep as much as I’d have liked or spend as much time with my kid, so at […] more

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

You all know how this works. Knock yourselves out! more

Sunday Shame: Ebay Frilly Shirt Edition

Another Sunday has rolled around and since everyone enjoyed last weeks Sunday Shane, I have decided to once again cross post it here at Feministe. Since becoming disabled, I have taken to making my clothing purchases on EBAY.  The unhusband has been great picking up the slack since I have been sick.  He does the […] more