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Garden State Equality and New Jersey’s fight for gay marriage

by Kelly Roache Try as I might, I will never forget my first experience phone banking for a political campaign. I was a sophomore in high school when I volunteered with Victory NJ 2006, the GOP’s ultimately ill-fated midterm election … Continue reading

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On Birth and Fog

Mad Men fans have been chattering about Betty’s “dream sequences” in the latest episode, “The Fog,” and at the risk of sounding pedantic I am compelled to clarify at least one thing about Betty’s dreams: They really aren’t dream sequences. … Continue reading

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Breaking News

Obama calls Kanye West a jackass. While I do love Kanye’s clothes and usually his music, that one was deserved. I also love having a president who is funny and can banter with the press. It’s too bad it sometimes … Continue reading

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Domestic violence as a “preexisting condition”

by Jillian Hewitt This week the Service Employees International Union posted a blog revealing that in 8 states—and the District of Columbia—being a victim of domestic abuse is considered a preexisting condition by many insurance companies. This is so ridiculous … Continue reading

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“Don’t Let Them Jesse Jackson You”

(originally published at Social Science Lite, x-posted at Postbourgie) In a New York Times article from this past summer, Jeremy Peters wrote a thought-provoking piece about the lack of visible leadership in the gay rights movement. While Peters is generally … Continue reading

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If you’re in New York City, go vote today

It’s election day in New York, so hopefully you’re all getting out there and casting your ballots. Planned Parenthood has a handy voter guide to check out — you’d be surprised by how many candidates have mixed views on choice, … Continue reading

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Will the Last One Out of ***** Please Shut Out the Lights?!

A pithy saying often heard in the Rust Belt, reflective of…..the loss of community, dearth of culture, malaise/apathy, physical atrophy/blight, urban decay, exodus, and general collapse that accompanies job loss and its attendant economic withering. The recent economic downturn is … Continue reading

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lovers in a dangerous time

I know introductions seem to be the thing, but I’m going to jump in with both feet first and we’ll go from there.  I’m Little Light, I blog here, and I’ve been a Feministe guest blogger before.  Most of you … Continue reading

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