Jon Stewart takes on GOP opposition to the Franken anti-rape legislation

And it is glorious:

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29 Responses to Jon Stewart takes on GOP opposition to the Franken anti-rape legislation

  1. Noble Savage says:

    Is there a link anywhere other than Hulu? The site doesn’t allow people outside of the U.S. to access its videos.

  2. Alison says:

    Noble Savage – can you view it on the Daily Show’s site?

    Also – THANK YOU JON. Jeezy creezy, that whole thing made me want to scream.

  3. ClassicsGrad says:

    Wow… I’d only been following this from the fringes, so I’m really glad it made it onto the Daily Show in such spectacular fashion.

  4. Abyss2hope says:

    The part which clinched it for me was showing GOP senators who voted against the Franken amendment talking about ACORN and the need to cut off their federal funding.

  5. underbelly says:

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this.

  6. Marianne says:

    I was really impressed with this segment. sometimes someone just needs to scream THIS SHOULD BE UNANIMOUS, DICKWEEDS!

  7. Diana says:

    Wow, a comedian who doesn’t think rape is hilarious.

  8. umami says:

    It was so well done. I realised I hate seeing men comment on rape, even non-conservative men, because I’m constantly expecting them to say something stupid and clueless and offensive that undermines their whole point and I’m anticipating it all the way through. And Jon Stewart never did! He just set out the facts, and he hit just the right note of combined humour and despair. The other shoe never dropped, the whole way through.

    Can I make a request? When you’re embedding Daily Show videos could you say what date they’re from? Hulu doesn’t work outside the US, but in the UK and Ireland we can watch the Daily Show on 4OD. But we can only watch whole shows, and they’re listed by date with no hint as to the content.

    Noble Savage, this segment was aired on the 15th in the UK, it’s about in the middle of the show.

  9. Happy Feet says:

    In Canada, the clip can be seen here:

    it’s clip 2 of 4 on Oct. 14

  10. Jesurgislac says:

    I don’t get it: what’s so “glorious” about a message saying “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States” and what connection could this have to Al Franken?

  11. Nicole says:

    I was so surprised and pleased when I saw this — it’s almost impossible to make a *joke* about rape, so I assumed the Daily Show wouldn’t touch this story. I’m really glad they did, because it’s just mind-boggling and more people ought to take notice of it and say WHAT THE HELL?

  12. evil_fizz says:

    I heart Jon Stewart. And while I don’t wish rape on anybody, it wouldn’t hurt Jeff Sessions to have something APPROACHING a sense of it.

  13. Maladydee says:

    Thank you so much, Happy Feet, for posting that canadian link. It’s always so frustrating when the alternate link to get around Hulu gives the ‘F’off, Canucks!’ message, and I can never seem to find the videos on the comedy network’s website.

  14. The Republican Party takes its role as opposition party very seriously. No matter *what* Democrats do, Republicans oppose it, and figure out later some cockamamie bullshit reason for doing so.

  15. smmo says:

    Still waiting for all the “feminists” that voted for McCain to explain his feminist reason for voting no on this bill. Think I’ll probably be waiting awhile.

  16. Noble Savage says:

    @umami – Thank you for the link, that one worked.

  17. Philosimphy says:

    Stewart is wonderful as usual, the Republicans are reprehensible as usual.

    That Republicans are pro-rape surprises me not one bit. I’m pretty sure permission to rape is granted to them by their bible. Bibles are kinda like the original “consent to rape” forms.

  18. DeAnna says:

    Wait a minute….something is fishy here……….Harry Reid is a democrat and is senate MAJORITY LEADER……..

    ……68 to 30 and all the nays were from Republicans.


    Does not add up if Democrats have the majority and all nays were from Republicans….100 senators……..and the majority is democratic….someone help me here….how could all the nay votes come from Republicans? I am NOT A REPUBLICAN…..I AM JUST A BIT CONFUSED HERE…….IT IS NOT POSSIBLE THAT ALL THE NAYS WERE FROM REPUBLICANS…..IS IT? help me out….I don’t get this one. Maybe I am just missing something?

  19. DeAnna says:

    There are 57 Democrats in the Senate and 40 Republicans. There are also two independents who caucus with the Democrats. How did all nays come from Republicans?

    There have to be some nays from Democrats. This is because the vote was 68 to 30. Iam not only angry it did not pass….I am angry that we are told what looks to me a flatout lie. THIS BILL SHOULD HAVE PASSED WITH THESE NUMBERS REPUB VS DEMOCRATS…..I AM OUTRAGED.

  20. DeAnna says:

    ask yourselves why no one seems to have caught this….this is scary to me.

    Maddow states 68 to 30…… she lying flat out thinking we are all dopes? To protect Democrats who betrayed us? There aren’t even 68 Republicans in the Senate folks!!!!

    • Cara says:

      DeAnna … 68 is the yea vote. 30 is the nay. The bill passed. That’s how it’s possible. There are 40 Republicans in the Senate. Therefore, there was easily 30 of them available to vote no. A few voted yes. As “all of the no votes came from Republicans” is not the same as “all Republicans voted no.”

      • Cara says:

        And to answer the question before it is asked: yes there is room to be angry even though the bill passed, because the fact that anyone voted no is outrageous. And if someone is going to vote no on a bill like this, they deserve to have their decision publicized.

  21. DeAnna says:

    I just looked on another site and figured it out. Dumb me…I was so pissed… I got it backwards. …..forgive me.

  22. DeAnna says:

    And yes….those who voted against it…UGH…….i was so mad that anyone voted against it I lost my head and thinking went black…….. I missed the fact it passed……

    I am sure the two miscreant women hating cretins from my state Arizona were likely twof them….I must check and see….that idiot McCain is up for another shot at our backs in 2010….

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  24. jemand says:

    yeah, DeAnna, both Arizona senators voted against it. Most states that were represented in the vote were represented by both senators.

  25. Deaf Guy says:

    The Daily Show is closed-captioned. Why is this clip not captioned? The technology & programming exists to do this.

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