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You know the drill: Link to something you’ve written this week, and leave a short description. Enjoy!

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  1. November 2, 2009 at 12:38 am

    Looking at why Winona State U named 11th safest in USA shows how crime prevention can be so much more than lectures on self-defense.

    Examining evidence behind spiking of drinks with date-rape drugs as urban myth looks at misuse of a scientific study to call women who believed they were drugged liars and looks at how the study conflated not detecting certain drugs with proof that those tested hadn’t been drugged.

    Contrasting response to Richmond CA beating and gang rape and other reported gang rapes highlights that the outrage over gang rapes is often muted or absent by looking at the outcome of the De Anza gang rape case where an unconscious girl was rescued but nobody was charged.

    Where did those gang rapists and their cheering section get their ideas? (trigger warning) looks at what those who knew and approved of this crime were telling people and compares that to what many people say about rape online.

    Carnival against sexual violence 81 provides a variety of links.

  2. November 2, 2009 at 12:39 am

    Here’s to keeping it classy on Halloween

  3. November 2, 2009 at 12:40 am

    This is my latest post on a freshly minted Singapore based group-blog. It deals with the squirmy issues that arise when you try to discuss race among those that have been conditioned through the years to see race as an inidividual responsibility (and therefore Not-An-Issue TM).


  4. November 2, 2009 at 12:44 am

    This week at re:Cycling, the blog of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, we’ve written about lawsuits against Prempro, Redbook magazine’s thoughtless diss of a new book about menstruation, Chella Quint’s brilliant Redbook satire in response, Men With Cramps, seasonally appropriate cloth menstrual pads, fertility awareness, and efforts to improve the menstrual life of girls in developing nations.

  5. November 2, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Sunday Shame Halloween Edition: Yes this is for those who have been known to tax their childrens Halloween candy.

    Wanda Sykes wouldn’t fool anyone with Black babies: Looking out how reproductive choices can reveal internalized racism.

    Disability and Loss: Looking at the transition from able to differnetly abled

    Joe The Plumber: Everyone is Entitled to an Opinion: Looking at how Free Speech is used to forestall any dissenting opinion

    What a Black barbie should look like: Looking at barbie dolls that have been retooled to have a more Afrocentric look

    Monkey Sex: Looking at the ways in which gender performance effects good sex.

  6. November 2, 2009 at 1:00 am

    This week, the Guy’s Guide looks at how the personal lives of artists (namely, classic dirtbags Roman Polanski and Chris Brown) affects the way we view the works they produce: “Roman Polanski and Manhattan and “The Polanski/Brown Corollary”. Enjoy!

  7. ninjanurse
    November 2, 2009 at 1:06 am

    Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network posted a lurid fantasy about how witches put time-release curses on Halloween candy. CBN took it down, but you can still find a link in the ‘comments’ section of my post. It’s really creepy. Also a link to many common candies, and why they are gateways to perdition. After all, what decent man would suck on chocolate-covered nuts?

    Parents Beware

  8. ninjanurse
    November 2, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Virginia Wolff was haunted by the Angel in the House, we are haunted by Barbie. And just as the Angel was shadowed by the slutty virago, Barbie’s nemesis is the physicality of the real woman’s body.
    Wolff couldn’t vote, but she got to keep her clothes on. We are expected to paint, shave and surgically alter what can’t be starved out. Not doing this is a form of rebellion, but one we don’t speak of much, lest we be called ugly and dirty.

  9. November 2, 2009 at 1:39 am

    The military is planning ahead>and considering repealing UCMJ Article 125 to prepare for the repeal of DADT.

    I have an Ableist Word Profile installment titled “I Feel Your Pain”.

    In The Labor Of I discuss how sleep has changed now that I have a chronic pain condition.

    The TRICARE Pharmacy and the Second Shift discusses the extra work it takes to get medication that isn’t included in the Formulary.

  10. November 2, 2009 at 1:52 am

    ‘Bones’ and Invisible Disability: a guest post from the Feminist Scribbler about Dr. Brennan’s ‘invisible’ disability on Bones.

    Joss Whedon and the Able Body: as much as I love Joss Whedon, his shows have a tendency to have ableist themes.

    Denise Handicapped: a guest post from Danine Spencer about a recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode in which Larry goes on a date with a woman in a wheelchair.

  11. MomTFH
    November 2, 2009 at 1:59 am

    Howdy Feministe in exile!

    It’s been a little while since I posted on one of these blogarounds. I stopped by to do it, and the site is dressed up for Halloween!

    I wrote a reply turned post today based on a reply on a post on the site Feminists for Choice. I am a future doctor, and I was writing about why conscience clauses can be OK.

    I also wrote a lot of birth and pregnancy posts this week, including a submission to the Healthy Birth Blog Carnival #2 about moving during labor, and a post on fat bias and pregnancy.

    I wrote about being sick, arguing on web sites and getting annoyed at what was on TV.

    And, I wrote about how a CBC radio program about fat doctors made me feel self loathing and self doubt.

  12. November 2, 2009 at 2:20 am
  13. November 2, 2009 at 2:24 am

    I wrote about some misogyny I found on Facebook this Thursday, with an update today.

  14. November 2, 2009 at 2:46 am

    This is just a short post, mainly about Yahoo putting a picture of the wrong costume with the wrong description.

    Girls can be Wild Things too!: a post about the “male as default” attitude in a review of the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack.

    And I met Margaret Atwood. That’s not much of a blog post, I’m just really excited about it.

  15. November 2, 2009 at 2:48 am

    (Transgender) Butch (Woman): some thoughts on the labels I’m using.

  16. November 2, 2009 at 2:49 am
  17. November 2, 2009 at 2:50 am

    I made one post:

    For the Love of Ray J is back!, which is about my excitement for the return of Brandy’s brother’s show.


  18. November 2, 2009 at 2:57 am

    I look at the way in which the “I was just joking” excuse for spewing offensive and misogynist filth is based on control and dominance.

  19. November 2, 2009 at 2:58 am

    i wrote about my grandma dying, and me looking at art:

  20. November 2, 2009 at 3:06 am

    I wrote about the Great Material Continuum and how it appears in communist thought too. Also on communism, I talked about how Theory Y management is proof communism could work.

    I refuted a claim that porn is ALWAYS rape in It Really Isn’t.

    Finally, I wrote about what happened when British TV’s Channel 4 invited Jane Elliott to do her thing in the UK, and how it revealed just how racist we Brits can be; I also had a troll pop in to claim that I was being racist against whites.

  21. November 2, 2009 at 3:09 am

    Is Sleeping With a Married Man Sexist?
    Written by a feminist academic who had the (dis)pleasure of deliberately being “the other woman” in an ongoing affair, Cheating on the Sisterhood: Infidelity and Feminism explores Lauren Rosewarne’s personal struggles as a willing participant in an illicit relationship that resulted in another woman’s devastation, as well as her own. It is a political look at the motivations that fuel situations of betrayal and the justifications one provides oneself from the inside.

  22. November 2, 2009 at 3:10 am

    As a dancer, I feel most alive when I’m present in my body; when I breathe hard, feel the power of my feet on the ground, and sense the weight in my head and arms. To feel embodied is an exhilarating experience, and after seeing Sins Invalid’s fourth annual performance, “An Unashamed Claim to Beauty in the Face of Invisibility,” I was struck by the complexities of being present and proud in a body that can make others feel deeply uncomfortable.

    As an avid consumer of coming out stories in more languages than I care to count, I decided that Girl Crazy: Coming out Erotica would be perfect summer reading.

    You might come to this film with some knowledge of hip-hop, or you might not. You might even have some knowledge of Islam, too. Neither is required, however, because New Muslim Cool is, when you get right down to it, a story of a man trying hard to know and be himself in the world.

  23. November 2, 2009 at 3:57 am

    One that’s definitely sparked a lot of conversation on the Facebook cross-post, It Is 2009 – Stop With Blackface Already, on Ohio University video production students defending an actress darkening her skin to portray Oprah in a local sketch show.

    And in keeping in the grand feminist Halloween tradition, I Don’t Want to Be a Sexy Bee, or why I’m usually in guy drag at costume parties.

  24. November 2, 2009 at 4:27 am

    Glad to have found you here (h/t: Kate Harding!) Not within my usual vein of feminist spoken word, but still, a post about Hispanic women and breast cancer (as October was both Hispanic Heritage and Breast Cancer Awareness month.)

  25. November 2, 2009 at 5:51 am

    This week at The Jaded Hippy I took on Jose Muñoz and Judith Halberstam and took a moment during this time of the new year (pagan time) to say THANK YOU to many bloggers who kick ass. I also shared a story that isn’t exactly cutting edge, but was new to me: Possible Serial Killer in North Carolina and the MSM Doesn’t Care, guess why?

  26. The Arbourist
    November 2, 2009 at 6:33 am

    I wanted to share my post about the injustice done to a Canadian Forces Service woman.

    Through the arcane labyrinth that is known as our legal system, this young recruit was raped as of 2004, and then ‘magically’ unraped in 2009.

    Trigger warning.

  27. mk
    November 2, 2009 at 11:58 am

    Late to the party… I’ve got posts on victim-blaming and safe spaces.

  28. November 2, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    This week on the Yes Means Yes Blog:

    How to teach preschoolers not to rape, before they know what that is: If She’s Not Having Fun You Have To Stop.

    Also, in the wake of the Richmond gang rape I’m Bracing For The Rape Apology. I expect the kind of slut-baiting we saw in the Orange County Haidl case, and at least in the cesspool that is comment threads on mainstream sites, it has begun. I talk about the role that the rape apologist and the bystander fill in creating an environment where rapists can continue to operate.

  29. happybodies
    November 2, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Over at Happybodies:

    Jill made an incredible post about the valuation of emotive responses: Crying over spilt dignity

    We also have posts on Paying people to be thinner and Foucault and sexual violence

  30. November 2, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Here’s what’s going on @GABblog (Gender Across Borders):

    This month’s Global Feminism in the News: Women in Progress

    A Beauty Pageant for Women with Untreated Skin in Cote d’Ivoire

    Are Bonobos Riot Grrls, Are Primates Feminist-Friendly?

    Women of Northern Uganda–A beautiful slideshow of photographs by Nora Chovanec of women in Uganda during the bitter war that has been battling the country for over thirty years

    Leave your links in today’s Global Feminist Link Love!

  31. November 2, 2009 at 4:01 pm
  32. November 2, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Virtual worlds enforce real-world gender roles, according to research:

  33. November 2, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    How (not) to Teach Masculinity: Oh so problematic, Rules for My Unborn Son nicely illustrates how gender is constructed and how (in this case) a by product of that is you must explicitly tell your son “Don’t be a rapist.”

    More than “Unfortunate”: My thoughts on the brutal gang rape of a Richmond High School student.

    How to Get Me to Hide You in My Facebook Feed: I now have two reasons….ugh.

    Your Friday Awesome: A fun Friday diversion series I’ve started. In this edition I got excited that celery sucking bunnies are included in the Vampire cannon.

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