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Ten webcomics you should read

I find it’s often difficult to switch off one’s feminist brain and get into not-so-progressive entertainment. (Not that I particularly want to support anti-feminist work!) But where do you go for a bit of fun in such a kyriarchal world? … Continue reading

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Chris Surette: A Valuable Addition To Your Women’s Studies Classroom

Yes, it is time once again to check in with your pal and mine, newspaper-killing poet of the rape culture Chris Surette. Oh, sure, you knew that Chris Surette wrote a spectacularly gross essay about how the ladies he hooks … Continue reading

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Abortion and Health Care

First, a video: Second, a must-read article, wherein Jeffrey Toobin discusses not only the implications of Stupak, but the broader problems with marginalizing abortion care: Throughout this long legal history, the one constant has been that women have continued to … Continue reading

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In Defense of “Douchebag”

Don Hazen has an article up on AlterNet today opposing the use of “douchebag” as an insult. Douchebag, he says, is a sexist term: I don’t see the increased use of a sexist term related to women sanitizing their vaginas … Continue reading

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