On the Virginia “Trust Women” license plate

I hear from my friends at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia that they made their goal of 350 license plates. I won’t lie, I was a little worried about this, so I’m delighted. Yay, PPAV and yay, pro-choice Virginians!

On Wednesday, January 27, pro-choice activists from around the state of Virginia stepped up and put Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia over their goal of 350 pre-paid applications for the ‘Trust Women/Respect Choice’ license plate! Because of their generosity, both a House and Senate version of the license plate bill will be heard in the Virginia General Assembly. To date, PPAV has received 362 pre-orders and continues to see applications roll in. Folks interested in purchasing a plate can still do so at www.ppav.org. In the coming weeks, advocates will be called upon to contact their legislators in support of both HB 1108 and SB 704. Thank you for all of your support in this effort!

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5 Responses to On the Virginia “Trust Women” license plate

  1. Mimi says:

    Oh good! I was worried! I can’t afford one right now (unemployed) but I was really happy to see them trying!

  2. Icewyche says:

    YES! This and Scott Rodent Roeder getting convicted of 1st-degree murder are the best things I’ve heard all day. Now let’s hope the General Assembly lets the plates get made – they can still veto them, and given that my state’s record on pro-choice and PP isn’t that stellar I’d say there’s at least a 50-50 chance of that, especially since our new governor is BFFs with Pat Robertson and the Xtian right wing.

  3. eightarms says:

    Anyone bet that there is someone out there working to get a picture of a little bloodied three-month-old to sell to other anti-choicers to affix to their cave-mobiles? Oh wait. They already do that.

  4. Maribelle says:

    RE: “Trust Women/Respect Choice” license plate–

    Me want. Me wantie really badly.

  5. Maribelle says:

    RE: “Trust Women/Respect Choice” license plate–

    Me want.

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