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Tips from the Other Side

I’m on Laura Flanders’ GritTV talking about the New York Bar Association’s tips for lady-lawyers: I swear I am not actually that monotone in real life! Or maybe I am, and I need to hire a speaking coach. Either way. … Continue reading

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Thursday LOST Roundtable: Season 6 Predictions

Spoilers for LOST Seasons 1-5 below the image! As all good LOST fans know, the beginning of Season 6 is upon us. On February 2, in the U.S. at least, the first episode of the final season will premiere. And … Continue reading

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Open Thread: SOTU Reactions

Did you all watch it? What did you think? Here’s the speech for those who missed it.

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State of the Union: The Drinking Game

I asked, you answered. Now: The Official Feministe SOTU Drinking Game. One drink for every time the word “bipartisan” is used. One shot every time healthcare is said. (You might be dead by the end of the night, but it … Continue reading

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The White House: A Year in Photos

Love this.

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RIP, Howard Zinn

It is being reported that Howard Zinn, the famed historian, activist, and author, is dead at 87 of a heart attack. To him, to representing the underclasses, and to challenging the status quo.

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Two things on staring

I find myself thinking a lot about staring and comfort and power, so I figure I might as well bring you along for the ride! First up – via Hoyden About Town – read this article at Science Blogs by … Continue reading

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State of the Union: The Drinking Game

State of the Union drinking games were much more fun when Bush was in office (“Take shot every time he says ‘evil-doers’! Drink every time he loses his way in a sentence with more than two clauses!”), but SOTU 2010 … Continue reading

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Advocacy and Leadership Training from National Women’s Law Center

I’m old and cynical now, but when I was young and idealistic, I was all about this kind of thing. I still love a good training. I’d love to hear from someone who attends. The National Women’s Law Center is … Continue reading

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Rainbow Brite Receives a Makeover

So, Rainbow Brite, that little girl icon of the 80s, received a makeover. (h/t). While the redesign was revealed a few months back, Hallmark is expected to release the dolls this month, and as the above image shows, they are … Continue reading

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Wherein your blogger destroys France.

Jill in a mosque, originally uploaded by JillNic83. I’ve written before about attempts to outlaw the burqa in France. Summary: I think it’s silly, an affront to basic freedoms, and ultimately more damaging to the women it claims to protect. … Continue reading

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Feminism: Great for Marriage

Social conservatives talk a big game about marriage. They love it! They have to protect it at all costs! Feminists and gays are ruining it! It’s no big secret that conservative opposition to same-sex marriage is simultaneously about homophobia and … Continue reading

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