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Intentionally flying planes into buildings because you don’t like a particular government: Terrorism or no? Let’s debate.

Newsweek editors and reporters discuss the use of the word “terrorist” and essentially conclude that it’s mostly applicable to foreigners with beards. The conversation is an off-shoot of the story of the IRS “protestor” (as the Wall Street Journal designated … Continue reading

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Healthcare reform march in DC this Wednesday

I feel like I should pass this along for those of you still optimistic we can get something good through Congress… from MomsRising: For the last week, a group of health insurance company survivors has been walking from Philadelphia to … Continue reading

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The Left’s Top 25 Journalists

Glad to see so many awesome new media types on this list, including the always-wonderful Rachel Maddow and Feministing founder Jessica Valenti. Less promising: Only 7 women on a list of 25. And I don’t know the racial background of … Continue reading

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VA State Legislator: Disabled kids are a punishment from God

Well this is a new level of offensive and disgusting. At an anti-choice press conference in Virginia, staged to encourage the state legislature to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, Republican state representative Bob Marshall told the audience that: “The number … Continue reading

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16 and Pregnant

Jessica Grose has a great piece up on Slate today about the MTV show 16 and Pregnant, asking whether it actually deters teenagers from pregnancy or whether it’s simply exploitative (or both). I’ll admit to watching (and enjoying, at least … Continue reading

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Naïveté and Submission

A French anti-smoking ad compares smoking to oral sex, with the slogan “To smoke is to be a slave to tobacco.” The New York Times describes the visuals of the ads thusly: The slogan is bland enough: “To smoke is … Continue reading

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