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Chally recently posted a reminder about International Women’s Day coming up on Monday, March 8th. There are all kinds of events taking place all over the world, but I received an email about one particular set of events that I thought I’d highlight here.

As most blog readers are probably aware, due to war, women in both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo face incredibly high rates of rape and other violent assault. On March 8th, Congolese and Rwandan women are taking action to demand an end to war and violence against women. Via the email:

On March 8, hundreds of Congolese and Rwandan women will unite on a bridge to demand an end to the violence that has caused 5.4 million deaths and hundreds of thousands of rapes. They will tie together banners of fabric on which they’ve painted their visions for a peaceful future.

To honor and support their resilience, Women for Women International is hosting a global campaign – Join me on the Bridge – which will replicate that meeting at bridges in different cities all around the world in a show of global solidarity. Already supporting the Congolese and Rwandan women in their call for war’s end will be thousands of women from Bosnia, Kosovo, Sudan, the UK and the US.

In New York City, we are rallying people to the Brooklyn Bridge at noon on Monday, March 8. Sponsors such as kate spade new york, Marie Claire and the ONE campaign are also joining us. Project Runway’s Tim Gunn will be in attendance. Self-organized bridge events will also be taking place in other cities, towns and schools nationwide.

Check out the Women For Women International website to see all of the events that will be taking place. The two largest events will take place in New York and London, but there will also be many, many events in other cities. Most are in the U.S. and U.K., but there are also events in countries such as Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, and Nigeria. Almost all of the events will be held on either March 7th (this Sunday) or March 8th (Monday). Please consider attending if there’s one near you.

Video Transcript:

Video shows a collection of images of women from the DRC and Rwanda, including both still photos and video. Images include women smiling, embracing each other, teaching in a classroom, holding their children, and working.

Voiceover: Women across the globe are living amidst violence, yet dreaming of peace. Women for Women International is asking you to join us to honor women survivors of war. March 8th is International Women’s Day. Join me, along with thousands of women and men on bridges around the world. Join us in solidarity with women of both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who will unite to call for an end to war.

Two women: (speaking into camera, each giving a “thumbs up” sign) Join me on the bridge

Voiceover: Join me. Say yes to peace and hope.

Women for Women International logo

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  1. oldlady
    March 6, 2010 at 11:34 am

    People need to respond to this! It’s one of the more vital posts that command our attention. What’s going on in my area? How can I participate? How can I help? There are ways to find the answers to these questions!

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