Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Post a short description of something you’ve written this week, along with a link. Make it specific — don’t link your whole blog.

And, ugh, Happy Daylight Savings.

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Jill began blogging for Feministe in 2005. She has since written as a weekly columnist for the Guardian newspaper and in April 2014 she was appointed as senior political writer for Cosmopolitan magazine.
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  1. Dorian says:

    I wrote a couple of posts about goings-on at my university this week.

    First up, the school paper published a really terrible Letter to the Editor, which I ripped apart with a great deal of gleeful sarcasm.

    Secondly, they partook in the Human Library project, about which I have decidedly mixed feelings. So I wrote about that as well.

  2. gudbuytjane says:

    Along with approximately three-quarters of the internet, I wrote about Lady Gaga’s video. Instead of gushing, however, I was critical of the implied transmisogyny in it.

  3. Coca Colo says:

    This week on femonomics:

    I write about opting out of exercise, or at least the self-loathing mindset that too often comes with it.

    Mad Dr writes about the (lack of) progress since the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action was adopted at the fourth world conference on women, 15 years ago. She also talks about International Women’s Day, and the prom debacle and scary miscarriage law.

    Also, Pearls N the Hood reviews Kelly Cutrone’s If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, Mongoose6 talks about women on submarines, and we have lots of delicious recipes for every occasion.

    We also have a two-part Oscar wrap up (1, <a href=""2), if you’re into dresses and gossip!

  4. HN says:

    Corporate Contradictions: Making Sense of Dove’s New “Men+Care” Campaign

  5. Meg says:

    I wrote about PaperBackSwap — an easy, effective way to recycle books (and save some serious cash in the process).

  6. Lauren O says:

    A review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, an openly feminist crime novel.

  7. My advice to a man who was slapped by a woman for insinuating (in her mind) that she was fat. Addresses what you can and cannot say about a woman’s body, and fat-phobia.

  8. My reactions to a “God is Pro-Life” bumper sticker mixed in with some musings on the film Precious:

    And, some Eclipse Trailer Fuckery:

  9. Renee says:

    This weeks Sunday shame is Sunday Shame: That’s Not Pigging Out Edition: Pop by and admit the food you cannot get enough of.

    Howard Stern on Gabourey Sidibe: hard facts: Looking at how fat actresses are treated in Hollywood.

    The Monstrous Mother: From Beowulf to Coraline

    Nope, I Don’t Want To See Your Dick: Looking at an Calvin Kline underwear commercial.

    Touré Praises Raped Slaves For Seducing Massa: Looking at a talking head from BET and MSBC who decided to use twitter to attack Black women.

    Jihad Jane Upsets Notions of “White” and “Woman”: Looking at the role of race and femininity when deciding whether or not an action is terrorist.

  10. Laura says:

    On Being Out of Someone’s League: my reflections on the trailers for the new movie She’s Out of My League.

    Off With Their Heads: my review of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

    My musings on what ‘equal rights for all’ means in honor of International Women’s Day.

    My Reflections on the Oscars: what I think of the winners and the representation of women in Hollywood.

    The Oscar Round: The Hurt Locker: I decided that I should actually get around to watching the Oscar nominated movies, so what better to start with than the Best Picture winner.

    My review of this week’s episode of Lost.

    Gendered Chores?: is having your husband/partner/significant other(s) take out the garbage unfeminist?

  11. Courtney S. says:

    This week I detailed the sexism and silencing I faced on popular Doctor Who forum Gallifrey, in the context of discussing sexism in geek culture at large.

  12. Courtney S. says:

    I forgot! I also responded to Michelle at the Gaytheists post about why she cannot co-exist with religion.

  13. I just finished up with a piece about (what else) Lady Gaga and the Third Wave’s wholesale embrace of her.

    It is entitled Lady Gaga and Emergent Feminism

  14. Elizabeth says:

    At re:Cycling, we wrote about a study suggesting – on rather thin evidence – that PMDD/PMS is genetic; Jesus’ attitude toward menstruation; new research linking early menarche and endometriosis; Randi Cecchine’s excellent new film, Scrambled: A Journey through PCOS; and some highlights of our first six months of blogging.

  15. Eugenia says:

    This week, three posts on International Women’s Day (IWD) in La Paz, Bolivia:

    1. Blog for IWD, that imagines what “equal rights, equal opportunity: progress for all” might mean for relations between men & women;

    2. Images from a La Paz-based IWD protest,


    3. What it means for Bolivian women to demand justice for victims of violence, not flowers, on IWD.

  16. Here’s some love for our amazing interns at Trixie Films, both writing for our blog The American Virgin:

    Ellice wonders if we need to define virginity in order to have a conversation about it.

    Aggie ponders the absurdity of the ‘Prom as Big First Sex Night’ cliché.

  17. Corrected link:
    Here’s some love for our amazing interns at Trixie Films, both writing for our blog The American Virgin:

    Ellice wonders if we need to define virginity in order to have a conversation about it.

    Aggie ponders the absurdity of the ‘Prom as Big First Sex Night’ cliché.

  18. Leilani says:

    I did a write up about singer/songwriter and all around awesome woman Brandi Carlile over at the North Bay Bohemian:

  19. Miranda says:

    What’s new on Women’s Glib…

    On the new Mad Men Barbie dolls.

    Why girls worry about winning.

    The NYC subway anti-abortion ads are a colossal and shameful waste of money.

  20. Brett K says:

    This week at Radical Bookworm:

    In Defense of Pornography – in which liking porn and being a feminist are not mutually exclusive.

  21. Rob F says:

    I debunk an arguement against marriage equality.

  22. Sungold says:

    Funny how if you write about hairballs and pubic grooming, people want to talk about it.

    And did you know there are Hello Kitty Band-aids? Well, they not only exist, my sons made me buy them.

  23. Three More Weeks to Show Your ♥ for Feminist Review: We have raised over a quarter of our goal, and if every reader this week donates just $5, we will have more than we need to operate through the end of 2010.

    In Makeover TV: Selfhood, Citizenship, and Celebrity Weber points out that we are making over everything: bodies, houses, cars, hair, lifestyles, wardrobes, and even pets. We seem to be obsessed with change. Nearly every magazine cover focuses on how to change something (get better abs in thirty days) or someone who has already changed something (like Heidi Montag’s new body and face).

    Creating a Life: The Memoir of a Writer and Mom in the Making is not just a memoir about giving birth to both a child and a life; it is a stunning tribute to the audacity it takes to reclaim one’s self.

    If you’re going to be a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, you’ve got to go out of your way to make sure your tees have something interesting to say. If you’re going to be a t-shirt and jeans girl who lives in New York City, that message should make a statement about art or politics. The Fight Global Women’s Organic T-shirt from Autonomie Project does both.

  24. nikki says:

    A tribute to the Chainsaw Records Messageboard, and how it influenced young dykes with internet access in the mid-90s.

  25. Mandy says:

    The Story of (the Missing) O
    Carrie Jones has never had an orgasm while having sex—and not for lack of trying. Despite countless attempts over three decades with twenty-three different men, Jones’ sexual exploits have always failed to bring her to that toe-curling place of ecstatic release hyped in Cosmo articles, erotic novels, pop songs, and television shows like Sex and the City. The sad reality is that Jones’ story, which she tells in the recently published Cutting Up Playgirl: A Memoir of Sexual Disappointment, is anything but unique—and therein lies its beauty.

    Creatively Fighting Racism: Favianna Rodriguez’s work bridges the gap between social justice movements and the marginalized individuals with which community organizers work. “I use art to transform global politics,” she says.

    Brazilian Feminists Get Played by a Naughty Blonde: American beer commercials may be able to overtly portray women as sexual objects, but as brewer Grupo Schincariol (and Paris Hilton) found out yesterday, doing so in Brazil can get your ad banned.

  26. Anita says:

    A videoblog: Caprica and the ‘Queerness’ of Sam Adama but it’s speaking on the trope of queer folks being represented as evil far more often then in any heroic roles.

  27. A.W. says:

    Went to watch Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland” movie and wrote about the disableism in it.

    Link located here

  28. Katherine says:

    After hearing about the woman in New York who got beaten by a guy she’d refused to dance with, I wrote about being hit on by threatening strangers.

  29. I wrote a post about the new bottled scent “Vulva” A new perfume based on the scent of a woman’s vagina.

    There is an English language translation of STRASS’ statement on feminist whores, We are not only beautiful: Whore feminism in 15 points.

    Christina Cicchelli explained her definition of <a href=" as a woman and feminist.

  30. I wrote a post about the new bottled scent “Vulva” A new perfume based on the scent of a woman’s vagina.

    There is an English language translation of STRASS’ statement on feminist whores, We are not only beautiful: Whore feminism in 15 points.

    Christina Cicchelli explained her definition of Sportfucking as a woman and feminist.

  31. MadamaAmbi says:

    …noticing the phallicity or womb-icity of foods I am currently de-vouring…”Eating Like a Feminist”…link above…

  32. mzbitca says:

    A post about my review of Alice In Wonderland and how society is designed to steal women of their “muchness”

  33. JetGirl says:

    On having chronic pain, and why that doesn’t encourage me being touchy-feely, and why a woman not being touchy-feely seems like such a crime to some people:

  34. Becky says:

    This week at Happy Bodies:

    After seeing a ad on hulu asking Do you want to see my dick? that was aggressive and predatory I wrote them a letter asking them to take it down.

    We wrote about who has historically been considered women which had us reconsidering feminism.

  35. Nancy Green says:

    When the lovely Howard Stern uncorked on Gabourey Sidibe I wondered what he might be hiding. An artists conception of what may lie beneath the hair…

  36. Spilt Milk says:

    This week I wrote a post about the hypocrisy of Facebook policies and practices, which censor breastfeeding but allow hateful content to flourish in Facebook: bastion of misogyny

    I also told a story about colouring books, an atheist teaching about Jesus, and why racially diverse role-models are important for children in The Brown Pencil.
    And another true story, about young people responding to violent media Grand Theft Auto style.

  37. Laurel says:

    I responded to a newspaper article about student loans (from the perspective of a single mother), as numerous readers seemed to think that students did not deserve a proper diet

    I commented on a facebook status update about how good mothers sacrifice everything for their children

    and I commented on a morning news story and book about feeding men and boys

  38. Coca Colo says:

    Oops, looks like mine didn’t work–sorry if this ends up here twice.

    This week at femonomics:
    I write about opting out of exercise, or at least the self-loathing mindset that too often comes with it.

    Mad Dr notes that 15 years after the signing of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, very little has changed for gender equality.

    Pearls N the Hood reviews Kelly Cutrone’s If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.

    And Mongoose6 makes the case for women on submarines.

  39. Verchiel says:

    Damn, botched the link about Papa Ratzi’s passing the buck on pedophiles…

  40. Tori says:

    A list of myths and misconceptions about endometriosis and an older one about one doctor’s premise that people with not-easily-diagnosable pain are faking.

    PS — No Daylight Savings Time here. ;)

  41. Virginia says:

    First, in case you missed it from the week before last, Miss Jenny quit:

    And there’s been some serious fall-out as I’m starting to see just how little respect salon employees (or beauty students) get, as a workforce:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on how this relates to industry gender dynamics (most employees are women, many salon/school owners are men…).

    Meanwhile, I also wrote about Barbie having a pretty big week, first with the unintentionally ironic Mad Men Collection:

    And then with the whole Wal-mart puts black Barbie on sale thing (thanks to Sociological Images for the hat tip there!):

    Thanks for reading!

  42. Roxy says:

    This week I was blogging about my recent journey with gastroparesis. The latest entry is:

    You can read the previous gastroparesis entries by looking at the archive section on the right sidebar and clicking on the post labeled “TMI” (all in March).

  43. Radfem says:

    A police officer alleges that the acting chief covered up chief’s car accident.

    I ran into the officer at a meeting and asked him why he changed his appearance (meaning a change in assignment) and he told me he was suing. The latest of what’s been going on since the police chief crashed his city-issued vehicle after going to a topless club and then drove for several miles before being stopped by police then driven home without a DUI evaluation.

  44. Yonmei says:

    I went to see “The Heart of the Great Unknown” at the Queen’s Gallery this week, a display of photos and other memoriabilia that the Queen had from her grandfather’s attic, about Scott and Shackleton’s expeditions to Antarctica: and I reflected on the power of narrative and the absence of women from the narrative that was Antarctica. We left no footsteps.

  45. Jeffrey says:

    I wrote some current musings about film and the current state of Hollywood.

  46. figleaf says:

    I dunno if it’s because it’s spring or writer’s block or too much other stuff to do but it felt like a short week blog-wise. Anyway, I’m most shamelessly fond of my latest post, Humor, Humorlessness, and the Subtleties of Culture: Sometimes Dried Fruit is Just Dried Fruit.

    On a less deservedly shameless note, linked to Ayn Rand: Wretched Philospher, Lousy Pornographer, Even Worse Sex Educator.

    Echidne of the Snakes very intelligently dismantled the spin on the latest survey of elderly people and sex. I added a couple of other points, including my opinion of the persistently anti-feminist notion that men are “lucky” to die sooner, The No-Sex Class and Differential Sexual Satisfaction For Elderly Men vs. Elderly Women.

    There were a bunch of other great instances of how seriously man-hating anti-feminists are (compared to the persistent myth that feminists hate us instead.) I discussed how deeply Jonah Goldberg hates men. fMhLisa at Feminist Mormon Housewives compiled a whole list of anti-feminist man-hating too.


  47. Jha says:

    This steampunk post of mine has been causing a kerfuffle.

  48. TsaphanBabe says:

    I haven’t yet “gotten over” the insane assumption that we should all have bald vulvas. So, I blogged about it, again.

    I’m also really hoping people will start using #baldvulvas on Twitter simply to get people thinking about it instead of assuming it’s what needs to be done.

  49. SereneBabe says:

    Recently I read Drew Westen’s The Political Brain and it rocked my world. I’ve written three posts this week about abortion using the concepts from that book. The idea is that progressives have been screwing ourselves because we’ve been using an Enlightenment view of the mind when people’s brains actually depend on metaphors, analogies, stories, and most of all, emotion.

    supporting the Republican platform means you support rapists:

    supporting the Republican platform means you support incest perpetrators:

    which baby’s life would you save?

    I’d be honored if you’d read any, share any, and/or comment on any. Thanks very much. Looking forward to scrolling up now and visiting your sites! :-)

  50. A BDSMer is murdered for the crime of having sex with another man’s ex-wife, and the incident is classified as “manslaughter”. The woman involved, incidentally, had an order of protection against the murderer.

  51. Clara says:

    This week at f/law we remind our readers that we welcome guest posts, and encourage everyone to write something.

  52. Jaclyn says:

    Thomas wrote a great review of Michael Kimmel’s Guyland:

    And a post about the word “cissexual,” and being a cis ally to trans people:

    Both at the Yes Means Yes blog.

    And I had a piece in the Washington Post about the campus rape crisis:

  53. Stephanie says:

    Old Navy Supermodelquins a Comment on Higher Fashion? Part of me wants to believe there is someone in the ad agency laughing their ass off about the Old Navy campaign that now includes a contest to become a “supermodelquin,” but the rest of the fashion world makes me think they might just be clueless.

  54. Femnist says:

    I wrote a tribute to Hypatia, the Greek mathematician for Women’s Day.

  55. Femnist says:

    Sorry, here’s the link:


  56. Lauren C. says:

    I stopped complaining about my thesis for a few minutes and talked about why companies who make stuff like “Hymen Gel” think women should always be in pain.

  57. I wrote a post for the new feminist blog Feminuity about the need to expand the body acceptance movement into a demanding what is best for our bodies movement.

    “It is only when we move beyond our rightfully vehement insistence that weight does not equal health, and begin to expand the body acceptance movement into a demanding what is best for my body movement that we will begin to see some changes in our nation’s health. Because when we take the courageous first step of broadening the borders of our conversations we are taking a step toward a new future, where access to healthy food is seen as a universal human right.”

  58. Persephone says:

    I started a new feminist blog this week and wrote my first post about my experience getting a medical abortion at Planned Parenthood.

  59. Athenia says:

    Crap. This isn’t a post about women’s issues, but it’s about ebooks and the history of books, and we all are interested in the future/past of books, right???

  60. Lucy Gillam says:

    I rant somewhat incoherently about Disney’s “we don’t make movies for girls” statement, and the ask my friends for better ideas for princess movies.

  61. Jaded16 says:

    I wrote about how to be a woman and make my voice heard on my blog. (

    ~ Jaded16

  62. I wrote another post for the new feminist blog Feminuity examining the problems in this week’s NY Times article The Femivore’s Dilemna. Classism, Racism, and Sexism abound.

    The Trouble with Femivores.

  63. I’ve started writing about why I didn’t feel as though I had a “choice” when I had my abortion and why I waited 3 weeks to get it. I’ll be following up with Part 2, where I discuss the clinic and procedure itself, in the next week or so.

  64. Xenu01 says:

    I wrote about the question of whether For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf on my fledgling blog.

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