Tell the FDA to Act on Emergency Contraception

The bunnies are right:

Tell the FDA to Act on Emergency Contraception from Center for Reproductive Rights on Vimeo.

Transcript below the fold. Thanks, Cara, for writing this out.

Forest scene with fallen leaves covering the ground, accompanied by light pleasant music. Cut to a scene of two brown bunnies laying next to each other. They both “speak” in young, female voices.

Bunny One: It broke?
Bunny Two: I can’t believe it. *sigh*
Bunny One: At least there’s the morning after pill …
Bunny Two: Yeah but the way they make you get it is so embarrassing.
Bunny One: Wait, I thought you didn’t need a prescription, anymore!
Bunny Two: Well you don’t, but you still have to go to the pharmacist, show your ID, and if you’re lucky escape without the Stares of Shame.
Bunny One: Yikes! Why can’t you buy it like a condom?
Bunny Two: *clears throat* Excellent question! Scientists say there are no medical grounds for limiting access to emergency contraception, but instead of putting our health first, the food and drug administration overruled their own scientists and bowed to political pressure.
Bunny One: Whoa.

Guitar music. Screen goes dark and text reads:


On March 23, 2009, the Center one a major victory when a judge ordered the FDA to reconsider making emergency contraception available over-the-counter to women of all ages.

A year later, the FDA still isn’t moving forward … even though there is no scientific basis to continue restrictions on emergency contraception.


Tell the FDA to respect the scientific evidence and move quickly to end restrictions on emergency contraception.

Go to to speak out.

Please pass along this video and keep the pressure on the FDA.

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