Amazing Women: Joanie Warner and Abby Mahler

This blog post about mother and daughter Joanie and Abby warmed my heart, and could not have been written about two more lovely, inspiring women. Joanie has been battling cancer for more than a decade, and her daughter Abby has used her love of music to raise awareness about breast cancer and to shore up resources for research organizations. Joanie, her husband Bob and Abby are also long-time family friends — I used to babysit Abby, and was blessed to experience first-hand how warm, loving and brave their family is. So go read the post — and check out the whole blog, which features stories of inspiring women, while you’re at it.

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  1. March 24, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Jill: I’m so glad you discovered How Does She Do It? and how wonderful that you know Abby and Joanie. I’ve known their family some, but I was so impressed in how straightforwardly they shared their story with me. I hope you check out some of the other stories I write about ordinary women living extraordinary lives. Melissa Erickson, former collegiate basketball star living with ALS (March); Marla Smith – Nilson, who started an international agency to bring clean water to the poorest parts of the planet and providing women freedom from the bondage of hiking hours each day for clean water and Najah Hull, single mom on welfare raising four young children while pursuing her BA at the University of Washington (see December archives for these). The current story features Ginny Gilder, good friends of Joanie and Abby and one of four women to purchase the WNBA Seattle Storm. I hope you add the site to your blog roll. I imagine your readers might be interested in seeing more. Thanks.

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