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So what exactly should female attorneys wear?

This article is kind of horrifying. It covers an event at the Chicago Bar Association, where they highlighted fashion Dos and Don’ts for lawyers. Above the Law brought in two writers to cover the event, one of whom (Attractive Nuisance) … Continue reading

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MONDAY ARTS SECTION: Time to Check In With Tina Fey’s Feminism!

Friends: I am fond of jokes. I am fond, very specifically, of ladies who make jokes. It’s not easy out there, for those ladies! Professional comedy is, as lots of folks will tell you, a fairly male-dominated industry; and, if … Continue reading

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“Hook-Up Culture,” this time with Science(tm)

Researchers at a university in the Southern United States asked a fairly small sample of students about their dating preferences — whether they preferred “traditional” dating, or whether they just wanted to hook up. The data shows that “Overall, both … Continue reading

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New York Domestic Workers Fight to Pass Bill of Rights

Via Equal Writes, the BBC has recently reported on the struggle of domestic workers in New York state to pass a bill of rights for those in their line of work. In this context, the term domestic workers refers to … Continue reading

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We Are the Dead: Sex, Assault, and Trans Women

This guest post is a part of the Feministe series on Sexual Assault Awareness Month. C. L. Minou is a blogger and writer inhabiting a Great American Metropolis. In addition to her work at the Second Awakening, she has written … Continue reading

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