Thursday LOST Roundtable: Everybody Loves Hugo

Spoilers below!

Screencap from LOST: Hurley is crouched on the ground next to a grave on the island, looking up and talking to Ilana.

This week on LOST, island Hugo tries to rally the troops but is only semi-successful. Sideways Hugo is a beloved philanthropist and businessman who can’t get a date. Meanwhile, Desmond confuses us in both timelines, and the dead characters keep on coming.

Check out our discussion below and add your own thoughts & theories. Remember: no spoilers for episodes that haven’t aired yet!

What are your general thoughts & reactions?

CARA: I liked it! I’ve seen some negative reactions floating around to this one, but despite the fact that I saw numerous turns coming before they actually occurred — like Ilana blowing up, and Flocke pushing Desmond down the well — I thought the episode covered a lot and had a fast pace. Not a great episode, but a good one.

SADY: I always love it when Michael comes back. The scenes are often super-goofy, but Harold Perrineau invests them with an emotional gravity far beyond what they deserve. I was disappointed, however, when he spoke to Hurley about Big Dead Libby, and didn’t also ask him to pass on a message to WAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!

JILL: The episodes are only going to get more and more fast-passed and crammed full of action from here on out — they have to be, if even some of the important questions are going to be resolved. Which means that the character development thing is basically dead and I think there will be many more explosions.

SADY: My boy?

LAUREN: I actually had to read a recap to remember what happened in this episode before I joined in this conversation, so. There were indeed explosions. And we have confirmed that we have indeed spent 100+ hours of our lives on LOST: THE GREATEST LOVE STORY OF ALL TIME.


SALLY: I wasn’t thrilled about this episode. I forgot most of what happened and needed to chat with my friend about it before coming up with questions. For the most part, I enjoyed it while watching it, but it just wasn’t good enough to stay in my memory.


In the flash sideways, Hurley owns everything, does good all over, and apparently everybody loves him. Sadly, he has a problem talking to women. What do we think of sideways Hurley?

CARA: Sideways Hurley is exactly like our regular Hurley — only he’s lucky. That’s really it, isn’t it? So of course I love him! And I’m happy that he’s mostly happy.

SADY: Oddly, Hurley seemed more depressed than usual in this one! Before, he was scared or angry, but in this one, despite being Hurley (who we love; seriously, there might not be a more instantly endearing character on TV than Hurley) he was just really, really down. Just moping over some tortilla chips, or whatever. I guess even being the luckiest guy alive isn’t totally fulfilling for him.

LAUREN: All realities suck in some way, yes?

SALLY: It made me sad how sad Hurley was. I thought he was about to admit himself for depression and join Libby in the hospital like old times. I loved him anyway though because he’s Hurley and Hurley’s the definition of lovable.

CARA: Huh. You know, I thought of Hurley as mostly happy because, well, everyone loved him! Which is what he always wanted! And even better, he wasn’t having bad luck. Which is what he also wanted! But he was also kind of quietly sad. So this ties into our theory from last week regarding the alternate universe giving you what it is you wanted, only to have it not turn out quite as awesome as planned, yes?

Libby’s back, but she’s in a mental hospital because she remembers her life with Hurley on the island and therefore thinks she’s crazy. But they kiss and then Hurley remembers too! What’s happening? How will these realities come together?

JILL: At first I thought the memories-coming-back was maybe a touch thing. I mean, Desmond didn’t remember until he touched Charlie’s hand (through the car window, though, so maybe not?).

SADY: Maybe it’s that they have to have experiences that are identical to ones they had on the Island. Hugo kissing Libby. Libby watching Hurley from afar (albeit through TV). Desmond trying to rescue Charlie from drowning; Desmond getting exposed to electromagnetic energy. Charlie… uh, well, Charlie dying. Man! Charlie has it rough! I eagerly await next week’s episode, in which Jack is triggered by being mean to a lady, making a cryface, and breaking something super-important. Possibly all at once!

JILL: I am also confused about who can and cannot remember. Libby wasn’t on the second Oceanic flight (was she?), and yet she remembers — although she didn’t seem to need help remembering, hence being in the mental institution.

CARA: The one thing I did like about how they treated mental illness in this episode is how Hurley interacted with Libby, in a way that wasn’t condescending or patronizing. He treated her with respect, and basically like he would any other person. But I thought they kind ruined it with “But don’t worry, she’s not really ‘crazy,’ so it’s totally okay for them to be together!” (s.e. smith has a different take.)

I’ve seen some folks wonder whether or not Libby’s sideways storyline is actually connected to her unresolved original storyline. If somehow, she saw the alternate universe way before Desmond did, and checked herself into the hospital then, too. Of course I don’t think we’ll ever know either way, but it’s an interesting idea.

SALLY: I just got all warm and fuzzy when Hurley and Libby kissed. I think I was too distracted with Libby being there (I loved her character) to pay attention to much else lol. Also, I think maybe Sady was right last week (or was it the week before?) and it’s all about looooove. Or, at least, I started singing “All You Need Is Love” to myself when they saw each other and then again when they kissed. Really, if the show ends up being about love more than any usual sci-fi theme, I can’t say I’d be disappointed.

On the island, Hurley’s manages to convince the candidates on his side of the island to go with him. What are Richard, Ben & Miles going to do on their own? What’s going to happen now that all the candidates (minus Jin) are together?

CARA: I have to say that whatever happens, I am totally Team Richard. I love Hurley to pieces — and Sun and Frank are cool, though they never get to do anything — but Team Richard is just infinitely badass. Richard, Ben, and Miles? They are going to have the most wicked sarcasm-off this world has ever seen.

Meanwhile, Hurley has a good point that really pissing Smokey off in a way that also traps them on the island with Smokey might not be the best of plans. And yet, Richard also has a point that trying to talk it out with Smokey probably isn’t going to work. I imagine that if Ilana hadn’t died, she would have told Hurley that getting all of the candidates in one place where Smokey has access to them is OMG BAD IDEA. But she’s dead, so there you go. We shall see!

JILL: I am afraid to have all of the candidates together, especially with Locke. I think only Bad Things will happen — and clearly Desmond has to be the way out of those Bad Things, right?

SADY: Or, Jin is actually the leading candidate by default now! Since the rest of them are sort of deadzo. In related news: He will also be single? This is what we refer to, in Insensitive Person Circles, as a “win/win situation.”

SALLY: I’m not a big fan of Team Richard, if only because he seems way too intent on blowing up that plane and not open to figuring out any other options. I realize that he doesn’t want to waste time but, seriously, he couldn’t take just a FEW minutes to brainstorm with everyone else? He’s been all “LET’S BLOW IT UP!” since he got back.

Oh, apparently Michael is stuck on the island and that’s what the voices are about. Does anyone care? They also killed off another woman. Is anyone surprised?

CARA: Haha. I thought the scene with Michael was a little ham-fisted, honestly. The whispers weren’t really on my radar, though in retrospect they probably should have been. So there you go.

SALLY: I added the whispers thing to my list of “answers to LOST you weren’t even asking questions about!” It annoyed me.

CARA: With regards to Ilana, I just remain honestly surprised that it took them so long to kill her.

SADY: And, truly, as one woman enters the Roster of Characters, another one leaves us, in a manner that seems to have very little to do with the plot or her character or anything besides (1) PLOT TWIST! and (2) SPLOSIONS! and (3) Motivating A Dude. It’s the ciiiircle of LOOOOOST, and it kills us all! Provided we are girls!

JILL: I thought the whispers thing was neat! It also adds another layer to the “maybe we’re in Hell” storyline — it implies that the island is also some sort of limbo for people who wronged it. I’m curious to see who else is stuck there — like, is Christian in limbo, or was Smokey imitating him? (I think the latter, but). Which other dead people are just stuck there forever?

And, of course, NOT surprised that they killed off Ilana, but I am surprised by how totally nonchalant they were about it! I mean, she had a backstory and a whole arc going, and then, BAM! So unceremonious, unlike most of the other deaths of relatively important people. However, I liked Ilana’s death for one reason: It gives me hope that the writers will bend to the public will and blow Jack up in a similarly unceremonious way, and everyone will just kind of shrug their shoulders and be like, “Ok, onto the next temple I guess.” A girl can dream, right?

Desmond’s still cool as a cucumber despite the chaos around him and he has no idea Locke is now Flocke. Then two seemingly important things happen: 1) Desmond sees little jungle boy, 2) Desmond admits he’s not afraid, which makes Flocke push him down the well. What?!

CARA: I don’t think he pushed Desmond down the well because he wasn’t afraid. I think he pushed him down the well because he wanted to get rid of him. My guess is that Desmond made a mistake in telling Flocke about the eletromagnatism, and Flocke has guessed how Widmore planned on using Desmond to defeat him. No Desmond = no plan by Widmore. Simple as that.

SADY: See, now, I thought Desmond’s creepy affectlessness throughout the episode was highly significant. Like: Maybe he’s fully aware that he exists in two realities, on some level, and therefore doesn’t take either one as being “real?” Or maybe he’s ascended to a higher plane? Or something? Or maybe… he’s just a MURDERER.

JILL: Or maybe he realizes that he gets to be with Penny in either universe, so he just doesn’t give a damn about what’s happening.

SALLY: I don’t know, I got the sense it was significant that Desmond wasn’t afraid. Not that Flocke wouldn’t have killed him anyway, but he seemed to take great interest in why he wasn’t afraid. I have a vague sense that this has come up earlier in the season – this idea of fearlessness around Flocke. Maybe with Sawyer? Can’t quite remember… But if it did, then is it significant that Sawyer also saw jungle boy? I’m so confused…

After Flocke pushes Desmond down the well on the island, sideways Desmond runs Locke over. Is this another sign that Desmond is aware of both realities? What exactly does this mean?

SADY: I called it! Last week! Desmond is a stone-cold killer, and everyone on that plane will die by his hand! What do you think of your beloved Desmond NOW??? “Oh, but Sady,” you say. “He didn’t kill Charlie! Or Hugo! Or Jack! There are in fact numerous examples I can point to, thereby disproving your theory!” And to you, I say: He hasn’t killed them… yet.

CARA: First of all, I have to say WTF DESMOND??? Secondly, I must say: Desmond, if you had to purposely engage in random hit and runs, why couldn’t you have run over Jack??? And thirdly, I am terribly confused as to why he thought it was acceptable to help Hurley see his other life by counseling him over a bucket of chicken, but decided the only way to help out Locke was to possibly kill him in a rather brutal fashion. I suppose it’s possible that Desmond was seeking revenge for being thrown down the well by someone he thought was Locke — but even if that were the case, and even with him thinking that Flocke is Locke, you’d still think he’d realize that the Locke in one universe is not really the same guy as the Locke in the other universe.

JILL: I don’t think it was revenge. Definitely not. Bizarro LA Desmond doesn’t seem to care about revenge — he seems universally focused on making sure that everyone else on the second Oceanic flight remembers the island. I think what Sady said above was right — that in order to remember the island, you need to have an experience that you also had on the island. Or you need to find whatever “thing” it was that motivated you while on the island (Libby for Hurley, Charlie for Desmond). For Locke, maybe Desmond thinks that “thing” is death, or possibly healing, since Locke got onto the island and could suddenly walk. Revenge-seeking seems like waaaaay too easy an explanation.

LAUREN: How does Locke’s murder in sideways world fit into the island world, I wonder? Does anyone think this is a strategic effort against Smokey on Desmond’s part?

SALLY: I don’t see how it could be. Everyone but Desmond seems wholly unaffected by the other reality and while Flocke has thrown out a Locke phrase or two, I don’t think he’d be able to feel sideways Locke. Unless he can. In which case, you know, whatever.

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26 comments for “Thursday LOST Roundtable: Everybody Loves Hugo

  1. April 15, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Oh, Cara, that bugged me too. The ‘thank God I’m not really crazy!’ scene made me cringe in all kinds of directions. I agree that it was a real comedown, after seeing Hurley treat her with respect, like any other human being. I didn’t explore that angle of it as much in my review because I was really intrigued by the challenges the episode presented to what mental illness really is, and who gets to decide who is mentally ill. But the ‘hooray now she’s not crazy so we can be in love forever’ I could definitely have done without.

    re:Desmond running over John, I’m pretty sure that’s because of what y’all discussed above; Desmond is bringing memories back by setting up repeats of scenes from the other timeline. In John’s case, a scene that would have be intensely emotional and might bring his memories back would be one in which he experiences physical trauma. (Although given that Locke’s also dead in the original timeline now, I’m curious to see how this works out.)

    I also don’t think he is dead in the sideways timeline. I think that Something Happened in that scene and we’re going to find out more about it next week.

    • April 15, 2010 at 9:15 am

      Ah, cool. The thing is that the positive and the negative — the problematizing of definitions of mental illness, and the gleeful revelation that Libby was not mentally ill and its implications — are kind of inseparable in the way the show portrayed them. It’s unfortunate that they had to take something potentially positive regarding depictions of mental illness and put it in a context that yet again puts mental illness and people living with it in such a negative light.

      Especially when there was such an otherwise largely positive interaction between Hurley and Libby. I really liked how he not only respected her but also seemed to genuinely believe her and know that she was telling him the truth, even though he couldn’t understand. She kept telling him that he wouldn’t believe her, and he kept telling her that he would, and it seemed that he did. That personally struck me as really wonderful.

  2. Linoleum Blownaparte
    April 15, 2010 at 9:36 am

    “How does Locke’s murder in sideways world fit into the island world, I wonder? Does anyone think this is a strategic effort against Smokey on Desmond’s part?”

    Ilana said something about the MiB being stuck in Locke’s body. I’m thinking that the special circumstance of a candidate being alive in one reality and dead in the other allows Flocke to hold human form, interact normally and physically leave the Island. So if Sideways Locke dies, Flocke loses his human form and is trapped on the Island again.

    Unrelated: Only Jack could have a long-winded monologue about learning to STFU.

  3. April 15, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Yes, Cara. I think it might have been less jarring if the show’s other depictions of mental illness were not so very problematic, because unfortunately things kind of did need to work out that way narratively. I think? I’m not quite sure how that particular plotline could have been handled without it ending with ‘Libby isn’t mentally ill, she’s just remembering.’

    But, you’re absolutely right, in the end the show took what could have been a positive and empowering depiction and turned it right back to where things always seems to go, which is that Crazy Ladies Are Bad.

  4. Nymeria
    April 15, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Desmond’s “all women are a ‘lil crazy brutha” comment still bugged the hell out of me. Especially after they just blew Ilana up like that without explaining anything about her. grr, grr.

    I mean, who do we have now? Claire, Kate, and Sun. One is essentially mute because she..hit her head, or something.(And before that she got all those emmy winning lines about asking where Jin is every week) One is being labeled as CRAAAAAZZZZZYYYY!!!!1111 over and over again, and one of them is Kate.
    This show is not very kind to the ladies. I’m just hoping at this point that Claire or Sun or both (!) ends up doing something awesome. Or Ilana shows up in the alt timeline and actually does something before they decide to have her explode.

    I found Locke throwing Desmond in the well more hilarious than anything. It was just the way it was filmed, it was like it was out of a b movie. Desmond running over Locke, however, OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU DO THAT.

    Anyway, I found the whispers explanation, on paper, good. But the way they filmed it and acted the lines, it just felt shoehorned in at the last minute. Like they could have added it to any episode but just decided to tack it onto this one randomly. I did care quite a bit about the whispers (especially when you get to the point where you religiously read transcripts of them on the internet!) so I’m glad it was answered in some form.

  5. Astraea
    April 15, 2010 at 10:50 am

    I didn’t really like this episode, but there were some interesting things going on. On the Island, it was Hurley who thought he was delusional, that he had made up the whole island and Libby had to help him back to reality. In the sideways, Hurley helps Libby realize that there really are two realities. Overall I’m disappointed by how mental illness is treated on Lost, though.

    And I was just too grumpy after Ilana’s death to even care mucha bout the rest of the episode. The treatment of women has gotten progressively worse throughout the show, and this season has slowly killed my hope that the ending will be less dude-centric. Ilana’s meaningless death was the final straw.

    I have a vague sense that this has come up earlier in the season – this idea of fearlessness around Flocke. Maybe with Sawyer?
    Sawyer knew that Flocke wasn’t real Locke because Locke was always afraid and Flocke wasn’t. Maybe a clue that Desmond isn’t quite who he seems to be? I want to theorize that Jacob took over Desmond’s body but that would be too upsetting.

  6. April 15, 2010 at 10:53 am

    How does Locke’s murder in sideways world fit into the island world, I wonder?

    One of the recurring themes is that the right people have to be on the plane for the Island to work its magic – so we had a lot of manipulation a couple of seasons ago to get the Oceanic six back on a plane together, and we had smokey telling us last week that if he wants to get off the island he has to get all of the candidates on the plane. I can’t promise that the reasoning for this, if we get one, will make sense but I think this is again about establishing that type of symmetry. Perhaps that means that Locke not only needs to be on the “undoing the A-bomb” flight, but needs to be dead.

    In terms of the planes, Desmond remains a wild card – in the new time line he’s on “Oceanic Flight 815”, but in the original time line he was already on the island. There’s something to that, obviously, and to Eloise Hawking’s apparent full awareness of both time lines, but I’m not going to try to guess what.

    So… anybody want to place bets on what hospital Locke ends up at, and who treats him?

  7. peacocks
    April 15, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Why do they have to blow up the plane? Couldn’t they just smash the instruments with a rock or something?

    • April 15, 2010 at 11:05 am

      Why do they have to blow up the plane? Couldn’t they just smash the instruments with a rock or something?

      You forget that Sayid is on Smokey’s team, and Sayid can fix anything in the entire universe with, like, a battery, some spare wire, and 10 minutes of alone time. He’s friggen MacGyver, only a million times hotter.

    • April 15, 2010 at 11:22 am

      Why do they have to blow up the plane? Couldn’t they just smash the instruments with a rock or something?

      Because explosions are cool, duh.

  8. April 15, 2010 at 11:30 am

    Re: Desmond’s chosen way of making people remember – it could be a matter of reproducing island-world motivations. But the whole remembering process has been linked so far specifically to near-death experiences and to love; everyone who’s remembered, so far, has done so beginning with memories linked to their romantic interest in island world. Remember DANIEL my secret favorite character started remembering just because he glimpsed Charlotte in a museum – and though Desmond didn’t know it, Libby went through much the same thing with Hurley. This wouldn’t have worked for Locke, who didn’t have an island lover (heh), and who found romantic satisfaction only in sideways world. …granted, not sure how Desmond knew that, but he’s the favorite employee of one of the most powerful men in the world, I’m sure he could do background research? Or the writers got lazy and knew it would have to be the near-death thing for Locke and… didn’t want to explain how Desmond knew so they figured having someone get hit by a car (and I don’t think Desmond was planning to kill him, I think he wanted to almost kill him and maybe suspected that Destiny would keep him alive, or something) was a neat way to an episode. In other words, IF they’re sticking with the love&death route (which it seems they are), it was narratively necessary for Locke to go the death route since love wasn’t an option, but I’m not sure what the justification for that on the actual show was, if any.

    (the TWOP recapper had the interesting point that sex and death have often been linked in literature etc., possibly most explicitly through the french phrase la petite mort, or little death, a metaphor for orgasm. that wiki article contains the sentences “More widely, it can refer to the spiritual release that comes with orgasm, or a short period of melancholy or transcendence, as a result of the expenditure of the “life force”.” and “The term ‘la petite mort’ or ‘the small death’ does not always apply to sexual experiences. It can also be used when some undesired thing has happened to a person and has affected them so much that ‘a part of them dies inside’.” I kind of doubt the LOST writers had this specific concept in mind, but it’s not just through this phrase that sexual experiences have been linked to or compared with spiritual release/glimpses of the divine – cf. also (as one example) a lot of medieval Christian poetry that is about God but basically reads like it’s about sex – so I wouldn’t be surprised if these are the experiences they’re sticking to. anyway. food for thought.)


  9. April 15, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Because explosions are cool, duh.

    Actually, I could see Ilana’s death coming, because of how carelessly she was handling the dynamite. But I could’t get upset, because I was immediately distracted by the big pretty explosion.

    But seriously… I suspect that was meant to be a call back to Arntz at the end of season 1. And honestly, of the characters in that little group, Ilana had the bad luck to be the most expendeble. un, Hurley and Jack? Candidates. Richard and Ben? Beloved characters who therefore cannot die. Miles, almost a super-hero with the snark. Ilana? New characters, least emtional investment for the audience-but a familiar face, so people still might be shocked. I kept hoping she would toss the bag and not die…but I suspect that if someone had to die…

    Also, I don’t think Desmond was trying to kill Locke. I think Meloukhia is dead on the money.

  10. Jadey
    April 15, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    Hmm, I admit that I was half asleep at the end, but I was under the impression that Desmond was just trying to kill sideways-Locke (and possibly thereby some Flockian avatar or portal to the sideways ‘verse?), not ‘wake’ him up. But maybe I missed something?

    I’m also thinking that Demond being in the well, while certainly Flocke’s way of getting him out of the way, will probably be the key to however they’re going to end the series.

    I love Hurley unreservedly and unconditionally, so I enjoy anything with him in it by the mere virtue of his adorable face and ridiculously sensible commentary, but I seriously coulda done without blowing chicks up.

  11. April 15, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I actually agree with you Jadey – I also thought he was trying to kill him, but I can see what others are saying about waking him up. I don’t know… hopefully Desmond hasn’t gotten all evil on us, but I still think it’s possible he did.

  12. April 15, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    I eagerly await next week’s episode, in which Jack is triggered by being mean to a lady, making a cryface, and breaking something super-important.

    A Youtube video making fun of Jack crying so much.

    I can’t find the video of Jack’s and Kate’s infamous break-up off-island. I was amazed that Jack felt threatened by Sawyer. The latter was still on the island. Jack gave Kate a guilt trip by saying how he saved her. I seem to remember that it was Kate and Sayid that got the helicopter. Jack promised to get people off the island and now most of them are dead.

  13. April 15, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Reading this thread was more entertaining than watching the episode. Sorry for not contributing more to this discussion, folks, but I was bored out of my gourd.

    @ Jadey: I like the idea that Desmond’s being in the well is going to be important — hell, the original hatch, once opened, is damned well-like. Desmond and the electromagnet of death is totally going to factor into the finale. Also, TRUE LOVE.

  14. April 16, 2010 at 11:47 am

    I just note that, except for Hurley, everyone had some sort of life threatening event bring the other reality to their attention. The other thing that Desmond’s hit and run seems to do is start bringing people together. Several folks are now at or likely on their way to the hospital. Jack & Claire are there. Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Sun and Jin should all be on their way.

  15. lisa
    April 16, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Um. hello. They obviously introduced Tina Fake (the bespectacled geophysicist-turned-Widmore-lackey) to appease you feminists who didn’t think there were enough female characters in the show. “We need more female characters for the wimmins. What do the wimmins like?” “Uh, hmmm, that girl from 30 Rock.” “Bring her on! And be sure to give her a gun!” “But the character was going to be a geophysicist…” “Make it work!”

    • April 16, 2010 at 5:01 pm

      Ah yes, all the highly influential feminists who dictate how well LOST does…

      • April 16, 2010 at 5:12 pm

        Do not underestimate how popular this roundtable has become, Jill! Every time we make fun of Jack, Damon Lindelof cries. Which is rather fitting, actually.

      • April 16, 2010 at 5:19 pm

        If Damon Lindelof listened to us, Jack would have been blown up long ago, and LOST would basically be “Sayid, Jin and Sawyer run around naked.” Which would be awesome. Fingers crossed for the finale!

      • April 16, 2010 at 5:23 pm

        Oh, I didn’t say that anyone took our advice, Jill. Men don’t take feminists’ advice! They just mope about how we hurt their fee-fees!

        (Dear Damon & Carlton: If you change your minds, can the “running around naked” be a part of a celebration over Jack’s demise? Can Desmond also grow a beard and then join the festivities? Thanks! xo, Cara)

  16. Holly
    April 16, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    I’m sure I should be earnestly discussing theories right now, but I think I may have just stopped caring. All I ask is that Jack die before it ends. Seriously, if I don’t get to see his grisly, untimely death in at least one reality I will have wasted six years of my life with this show. Every time I see Matthew Fox’s angry, tearstained face it makes me want to stab somebody.

    On a less violent note, I am hating the whole ‘romantic love is the most important thing’ message that the show seems to be ending on. And if your memories start to come back once you’ve found your soulmate, what does that mean? Does Libby remember dying? Do you only remember that one person and never any of the other events/relationships, i.e. will Desmond ever remember his son? Will Kate and Ben ever remember raising Aaron and Alex? Surely those relationships are more important than, like, Hurley and Libby’s, which consisted of one almost-date. And how come Jin and Sun, who are surely meant to be together, don’t remember their island lives when they see each other? I can’t wait for the inevitable moment when Jack and Kate remember each other, probably as he berates and emotionally blackmails her and she cries, and run in slow motion into each other’s arms.

    Oh, and way to kill off yet another female character. I may be in the minority, but I really liked Ilana. I’d rather have seen Miles blow up; we already have one Sawyer, we don’t need two.

  17. April 16, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    I keep wondering who’s going to die next. From the interviews I saw throughout the first few weeks of the series, they made it seem like some sort of blood bath with a character or two dying each week. Unless you count really minor characters (like Keamy & Mikhail, assuming they’re dead), I don’t get it.

    Also, the more I think about it, the more disappointed I am in this season. NOTHING’S HAPPENING! And it’s not that the previews keep hyping it up, because they’ve stopped doing that as much. It’s simply that there are only a handful of episodes left and we aren’t really any closer to solving the mysteries of the island than we were before.

    Oh, sorry… /rant

  18. mical
    April 17, 2010 at 2:54 am

    i think there are two possibilities for desmond hitting locke: one, he is trying to recreate island world experiences by giving him a near death experience–specifically, possibly paralyzing him (though i hope the writers don’t do this…) …though actually that might make sense cause then jack would work on his spine and blah blah blah
    des actually does know that island locke is actually dead so he is trying to kill sideways locke to make the two worlds match up. really, either way i think des is just trying to merge the two realities.

    also WTF lost? i was just getting into ilana and you killed her. thanks. c’mon, its not like she was nikki and paulo.
    and i too am waiting for jack to die a thoroughly unceremonious death, and for WALT TO COME BACK SO WE CAN FIND OUT WTF IS UP WITH HIM

  19. April 19, 2010 at 10:07 am

    I just had to say,


    Ok, I’m done now.

    Cool episode.

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