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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

You know what to do.

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Saturday Video Pick-Me-Up

I’m feeling lousy, y’all, but watching this video perked me right up! BRONTE SISTER ACTION DOLLS, WHAT?! I’ll work on a transcript after I finish my spring cleaning which, admittedly, won’t be for at least several hours, but if somebody … Continue reading

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Women in Uniform

I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for slideshows. Add a feminist theme, and I’m all over it. So I really enjoyed stumbling upon this collection of images of women in the military, starting way back with the American … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

Dear Young Men Who Love to Play Stupid and Physically Harmful Games: Stop punching each other in the balls. “Sack-tapping” is all fun and games until someone loses a testicle. Ice each other instead.

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Tavi on Terry Richardson

Oh Tavi, I love you and want to adopt you (or at least hire you to dress me). Tavi, for the unfamiliar, is the Style Rookie, a 14-year-old fashion blogger who describes herself as a “dork that sits inside all … Continue reading

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Middle Ground

This article by Caitlin Flanagan has been thoroughly dissected by other feminist writers, but of course I have to throw in my two cents. Flanagan, for the unfamiliar, is somewhat obsessed with the sex lives of teenage girls, and particularly … Continue reading

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Guttmacher: Ob-Gyn residents who intend to provide abortion services often don’t

Huh. Not what I’d have expected. How do we address this? Is it, as the piece suggests, with training on contract negotiation and conflict management? I don’t dislike the idea, I’m sure it’s helpful, but it leaves me… eh. When … Continue reading

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Your Daily Entertainment

Check out this new GOP website, which allows users to submit ideas for the Future of America. The website doesn’t have any filters, so people have been having some, um, fun with it. A few of the suggested ideas for … Continue reading

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Today In Latino News…

I couldn’t help but notice a lot of random articles today that were in some way about Latinos or Latin America. Here’s a rundown for you: An American woman has been in a Peruvian prison for the past 15 years … Continue reading

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Send your support to Sr. McBride in Arizona

I know Jill’s posted on Sister McBride a few times now, but I want to share this with you as well. Catholics is Choice is asking people to send her their messages of support in this difficult time. While her … Continue reading

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Sam Sifton describes my ideal man.

In his review of the delicious Prime Meats, which I fear is now going to become even more crowded (the weisswurst and the spaetzle are otherwordly), Sifton describes the staff as “exceptionally well trained and efficient, a crew of handsome … Continue reading

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Tuesday LOST Roundtable: The End

Major spoilers ahead. This week on Lost, the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Jack is Jesus, Hugo’s the protector, reunions made us gush, and Vincent made us cry. Read our discussion below and let us know your own thoughts … Continue reading

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