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Saturday Video Pick-Me-Up

I’m feeling lousy, y’all, but watching this video perked me right up! BRONTE SISTER ACTION DOLLS, WHAT?! I’ll work on a transcript after I finish my spring cleaning which, admittedly, won’t be for at least several hours, but if somebody else has one or wants to make one, send it on over. Short explanation: a […] more
Sam Sifton describes my ideal man.

Sam Sifton describes my ideal man.

In his review of the delicious Prime Meats, which I fear is now going to become even more crowded (the weisswurst and the spaetzle are otherwordly), Sifton describes the staff as “exceptionally well trained and efficient, a crew of handsome men and women dressed as if ready to ride horses back home to Bushwick, where […] more