Today In Latino News…

I couldn’t help but notice a lot of random articles today that were in some way about Latinos or Latin America. Here’s a rundown for you:

An American woman has been in a Peruvian prison for the past 15 years for “aiding leftist rebels.”

Hackers changed road signs to read “No Tacos” and “No Latinos.” Lovely… Even lovelier is that people’s reaction to this over on Newser was to mark it “hilarious.” (At the moment, it’s 56% hilarious, 17% depressing, 17% brilliant, 5% annoying, 3% scary, 1% intriguing.)

A man called 911 when a police officer began sexually assaulting his girlfriend, and now he’s being deported because he’s here illegally.

The immigration issue has reportedly turned some Latinos against the GOP… I guess? The numbers seem to be more a reflection of differences between Whites and Latinos than Latinos before and Latinos now. Whatevs…

There’s the Latino news you can use.

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11 Responses to Today In Latino News…

  1. Mickie T says:

    Here’s another one:!/video/video.php?v=1433072222270&ref=mf

    Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Puerto Rico is an American Commonwealth, and people from Puerto Rico are not Mexicans.

  2. Holy! says:

    It would be interesting to know if those ‘leftist rebels’ were the Shining Path.

  3. Haley K says:

    He’s being deported for reporting sexual assault? For fucks sake people. At least the guilty officer was charged and lost his job, which is way more than I expected.

    I thought it would be a case of the accused officer deporting him to avoid charges, so this is mildly better, but still. This is a guy who is working hard, being the very definition of a good citizen, and sending money home to help his family.

  4. Rose says:

    I’ve always wanted to see one of those signs hacked to show a marriage proposal. I’m peeved that someone got there first to say something nasty.

  5. Maria says:

    I thought the signs were supposed to be funny, not nasty. I am Latina, and an immigrant at that, and I was surprised by the negative reaction.

  6. sam says:

    I think that hacked sign is actually supposed to read, “No Latinos, No Tacos,” (as in cause and effect) which is a slogan or variation thereof that I’ve seen on several signs held by Latino protesters.

  7. eloriane says:

    Actually, the signs read “No Latinos” and “No Tacos”– in that order, it sounds more like “Without Latinos, we would have no tacos, and everybody loves tacos, so don’t hate on Latinos!” It’s not actually any less of a racist stereotype but it’s marginally less depressing.

  8. Ahh okay, that makes more sense. The first two stories I read had it as “No Tacos” and “No Latinos” which totally changed the tone for me. I still kinda hate that slogan though – they should change that…

  9. bluelotus says:

    Re: the man who is going to be deported for reporting the sexual assault– this bothers me more than usual, probably because I actually live in Charlotte, NC, where this happened, and I feel like I should do something about it. Does anyone here with more legal knowledge know which official in this case would have some power to do anything about this, such as grant amnesty? My google-fu has failed me this time.

  10. matlun says:

    @Holy: She was convicted of collaborating with the MRTA. Wikipedia has an article on her at

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