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On absence and what it represents

I’ve not been writing much lately, have I? In my absence, however, I’ve not really been absent. (That bit will make sense by the end of the post, I promise!) Now, there have been lots of reasons behind my not … Continue reading

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Book Review: Working For Justice

Working for Justice: The L.a. Model of Organizing and Advocacy edited by Ruth Milkman, Joshua Bloom, and Victor Narro (Cornell University Press) I first found out about this book when I got an email from one of my activist friends, … Continue reading

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MoreMoreMore WorldCupWorldCupWorldCupWorldCup

Lordy lord lord these photos of Cristiano Ronaldo are nice, even if that underwear doesn’t look very comfortable. Thanks for lookin out, Aminatou.

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So, Like, What’s The Big Deal With Transcripts and Stuff, Anyway?

Captions, transcripts, and image descriptions for websites are often framed as being about folks who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or blind. It’s about a lot more than that. The Internet has some major accessibility problems, and one of the … Continue reading

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London Calling

I may have mentioned that last month I was in England. Being a political junkie, I was paying attention to the situation there before I left–the British election was a bit of a bigger deal than usual in my particular … Continue reading

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